Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Hey, Spring!

So, back in my preggo days, I made a car seat cover for my baby girl.  It was nice and toasty, but now that it's getting so nice outside, I'm always worried that she'll be roasting in there!  I still wanted her to have a cover so that she can have protection from the sun.  Tonight I made this sweet little thing:

 Don't you LOVE that fatty flower and ric-rac? 

I also attached little ribbons inside that I can hook her toys to:

Crafting for little girls is the best!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Little Miracle [And a picture overload]

A little over a week ago, DJ and I took Alexsi for her 1-month follow-up visit at PCMC.  We had been hoping and praying all month for good changes for her hips, and we were vigilant with keeping her in her brace every day and night.  All in all, we had high hopes for our little girl.  We had an ultrasound scheduled first, and when we went in the ultrasound tech took the images and then called in the doctor.  The doctor who looked at the images was saying, "Wow!  They look so much different this time!"  We asked her what the coverage was [remember, last time they were at 19% and 20%], and she let us know that each hope had over 50% coverage.  My jaw fell open, and I had to really work hard not to start crying right then and there.  We expected improvement, but I know that I didn't expect her to be completely healed!  Her hips are now considered normal, after only one month wearing that little harness.  I'm so grateful for the man who was inspired to invent the harness.  I'm so grateful that my sweet little girl didn't have to wear a cast or have surgery.  She now wears the harness 16 hours a day on looser settings just for the next month as a precautionary measure.  To us, that really is a miracle!!!

On the day Lexsi turned 2-months old, she was blessed in church.  We were so blessed to have SO many people in town that weekend!  Her blessing circle was probably the biggest one I've ever seen!  For her sake, I'll list the people in it:  DJ, Toogie, Josh, Adam, Grandpa Fenton, Kirk, Andre', Big Papi, Jordan, Sean, Davey, Randy Beddes and Randall Scott Beddes.  Whew!  It was a lot of men in there!  I wanted to get a picture of her with all of them, but we didn't have enough time.

Here are some pictures from that day:

Our fam!

With Grammie and Tooge

With Big Papi and Mammie

All the Kaiser sibs were together for the first time in years!

Kaiser fam

Kaiser fam (minus, Carly, Bekah, Cougar and Sara)

Savage Fam

My little princess!  The dress is the one both my sister and I were blessed in.  I made the blanket for her, and I love how it turned out!  I wanted to make a blanket that she could keep from her blessing day.  I figured that was an easy thing to do for each of my babies :)

Couldn't you just look at that sweet face all day!?


Lexsi was so blessed to have some amazing cousins visiting for the week!  All three of these boys were sooo sweet to her, and took such great care of her!

Her 2-month picture with her lion.

Tonight we had a fire with DJ's sibs and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Lex enjoyed being doted on by her sweet aunts:
I love all these girls!!!

All in all, we have pretty great lives!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yes, I have much more important things to blog about (ie. Alexsi's blessing, our latest trip to PCMC, etc.), but I was too excited not to post this right now.  We got new couches!  Technically a couch and love seat, but you know... tomato, tomato. (Isn't it funny how when you type that, it really is the same word twice, even though you're pronouncing it differently in your head? huh.)

We sold our monstrosity yesterday and picked a couple of more compact little beauties!  We did love our old couch, but we really got so sick of the stupid chaise, which was MASSIVE and just stuck out in the middle of the room all the time and was a nuisance.  Plus all the oversized seating was just... kind of awkward and not what we wanted anymore.  So, we listed it on KSL and sold it within the day!  We then headed to the RC Willey Outlet and chose out these little lovelies:

The best part?  Each of the end seats in the sofa and both the seats in the love seat recline!  So we're now sporting 5 recliners in our living room!  Ka-CHING!  Love it!

Another unexpected bonus was that the pillows came with the furniture, and they really help tie the color of our brown recliner to the gray-ish color of the new furniture.

LOVE!  There's just something so awesome about new, never-before-sat-in furniture :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easters!

Seriously, I can't think the word "Easter" without thinking of Nacho Libre.  Whoops!  Today started off great-- Lexsi slept 7 hours last night straight, then another 2, and DJ had to wake her up at 8 am to get her ready for church.  She looked so stinkin cute in her Easter dress!

Seriously, she's the cutest baby I've ever seen!  I know I'm biased but, hey, that's my right!!!

So, right as we were going to leave for church,  Lexsi filled her diaper.   My initial thought was, "Oh... so THIS is why people with babies are late to stuff!"  But then I got her changed quickly and we were still early to church.  I'm a firm believer that having a baby doesn't give you some inherent right to be late to things... just plan ahead, plan to leave early, and when things come up you'll be prepared!  OBVIOUSLY things will come up really last minute sometimes, and you'll end up being late, but that happens in life before you have kids too.

OKAY-- enough of my rant about lateness :)  For Easter, DJ got me a book, Toy Story 2, and a voucher for a 60-minute massage!  I got him basketball shoes.  For Lexsi we got a doll that sings in Spanish, some books and a couple pacifiers.  It was Lexsi's first day at church, which was fun.  After church, we took some traditional family Easter pictures:

I must say, I LOVED my Easter dress this year!  Thanks a million to my mommy!  

Happy Easters!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day!

Opening Day is kind of a big deal around here.   The day I found out we were having a girl, I ordered some Braves onesies online.  Being the great thinker that I am, I ordered 3-6 months size, figuring they would fit all summer long.  What I didn't realize is that at nearly 2 months old, my daughter would still wear newborn onesies.  BUT-- the good news is, we put the big fatty Braves onesie over her harness, and it fits pretty well!  Good to know the harness is good for something!  (You know, other than fixing her hip issues, of course... ha!)  Happy Opening Day!  Go Braves!!!

(Never fear, we aren't ACTUALLY letting our 7-week-old daughter watch the game... but we had to get a picture like we were!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"I'm too much!"

Seeing how my baby loves to sleep face-first and burrow into the crook of my elbow, her head gets sweaty and she often wakes up looking like this:

Awesome, right?  Well check out the front view:

A little reminiscent of this guy:

Am I right, or what?  Ha!!!  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom of the Year

DJ took Lexsi into our bed to take a nap a little while ago, and I just went in to peek at them, and saw this:

Naturally, rather than fix my daughter's predicament, I laughed, grabbed a camera, snapped a shot, and blogged about it.  Worst mom ever award!  I'd better go help her out now ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Things To Remember

Alexsi will be 7 weeks old in two days.  She's growing up so much, and there are some things I don't want to forget:

- She looooves to "talk" to us.  DJ and I both are obsessed with getting her to coo and squeal at us.  So stinkin cute!  Today she even "sang" with me.  I was singing to her and she started grinning and cooing with me!
- She HATES to burp.  You'd think we were starving her, the way she carries on and cries every time we take her bottle away to feed her.  (In reality, we started giving her more formula each time we feed her last week, so she's getting plenty.  She's just always been worried she wouldn't get enough to eat.)
- She's obsessed with having her legs out of her brace-- as soon as we "release" her legs, she kicks them out super straight and she just loves it.  Hopefully her hips will heal quickly-- if she doesn't have to wear the brace too much longer, I imagine she'll be an early walker like me.  Chances are not great that she'll be out of it quickly though :(
- She's been holding her head up briefly since she was about 2 weeks old (crazy, right?), and now holds it up for extended periods.  She's got a strong little neck!
- This girl LOVES her pacifier.  I'm really grateful for that, cause she's got a crazy sensitive stomach, so when it's hurting her, it's really nice that she'll take a binky.
- A few noises she hates:  Velcro, clinking dishes together, and people blowing their nose.  Weird things to hate, but they make her jump every time.
- She loves to bury her face to go to sleep.  And I don't just mean lay on her tummy--- she literally plants her face straight down against your chest, not turned to the side.  Also she likes to burrow her face down into your armpit or crook of your elbow,  It's pretty strange, but I guess it's comforting?
- She is SO stinkin skinny!  Even though she's tall, she's in newborn diapers and onesies still!  Even the 0-3 month onesies are too big for her,  She's just tiny.  I recently discovered that her 3-6 month dresses fit over her brace, so now she wears dresses every day, even though it makes her look much bigger than she really is.    At least she doesn't just have to rock the onesie any more!
- She is still a Daddy's girl.  Of course she loves me too, and we get to spend lots of time together, but I'm also thrilled that she has such a close relationship with DJ!  They're so cute together!

And that's all for now!  Just some simple things to look back on later :)