Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Little Miracle [And a picture overload]

A little over a week ago, DJ and I took Alexsi for her 1-month follow-up visit at PCMC.  We had been hoping and praying all month for good changes for her hips, and we were vigilant with keeping her in her brace every day and night.  All in all, we had high hopes for our little girl.  We had an ultrasound scheduled first, and when we went in the ultrasound tech took the images and then called in the doctor.  The doctor who looked at the images was saying, "Wow!  They look so much different this time!"  We asked her what the coverage was [remember, last time they were at 19% and 20%], and she let us know that each hope had over 50% coverage.  My jaw fell open, and I had to really work hard not to start crying right then and there.  We expected improvement, but I know that I didn't expect her to be completely healed!  Her hips are now considered normal, after only one month wearing that little harness.  I'm so grateful for the man who was inspired to invent the harness.  I'm so grateful that my sweet little girl didn't have to wear a cast or have surgery.  She now wears the harness 16 hours a day on looser settings just for the next month as a precautionary measure.  To us, that really is a miracle!!!

On the day Lexsi turned 2-months old, she was blessed in church.  We were so blessed to have SO many people in town that weekend!  Her blessing circle was probably the biggest one I've ever seen!  For her sake, I'll list the people in it:  DJ, Toogie, Josh, Adam, Grandpa Fenton, Kirk, Andre', Big Papi, Jordan, Sean, Davey, Randy Beddes and Randall Scott Beddes.  Whew!  It was a lot of men in there!  I wanted to get a picture of her with all of them, but we didn't have enough time.

Here are some pictures from that day:

Our fam!

With Grammie and Tooge

With Big Papi and Mammie

All the Kaiser sibs were together for the first time in years!

Kaiser fam

Kaiser fam (minus, Carly, Bekah, Cougar and Sara)

Savage Fam

My little princess!  The dress is the one both my sister and I were blessed in.  I made the blanket for her, and I love how it turned out!  I wanted to make a blanket that she could keep from her blessing day.  I figured that was an easy thing to do for each of my babies :)

Couldn't you just look at that sweet face all day!?


Lexsi was so blessed to have some amazing cousins visiting for the week!  All three of these boys were sooo sweet to her, and took such great care of her!

Her 2-month picture with her lion.

Tonight we had a fire with DJ's sibs and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Lex enjoyed being doted on by her sweet aunts:
I love all these girls!!!

All in all, we have pretty great lives!!!


  1. Great post Ashleigh. We are so honored to have been there for your special day. Lexsi is a dolly!! Thanks for all your support with Tyson and Savanna's wedding. We had a great weekend didn't we?

  2. It WAS a great weekend. We felt so blessed to have been able to be there, too! Lexsi is a beautiful, special little girl!

  3. I am glad that everything went so well. She sure is a doll! We missed being there too!