Saturday, June 12, 2010

Utah Valley Marathon

So today, my mom and sister ran a half marathon in Provo. I decided to volunteer at the race, and convinced Nikki to volunteer with me :) We went to our station at 5am and got set up in the pouring rain. We were at mile marker 25 (12 for the half marathon). We just had a table full of Powerade and handed it to runners who wanted it as they ran by. Since we were one mile from the finish, and there were 2 other tables about 30 feet before ours, we didn't have many people who wanted our drinks. We basically turned into the entertainment committee instead. We danced and screamed and cheered every single person who passed, trying to pump them up for the last mile of their run. We had a blast, and it turns out it was actually useful, because my mom told me afterwards that it was really encouraging to have people cheering all along the trail. There's a chance she was just trying to make me feel good... she's my mom ;) Meg finished first, in 2 hours, and my mom finished in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. She had to stop to change in the race and went well off the trail, so if she had had a smoother race they probably would have finished at about the same time. They both did amazing an I was so proud of them!!!

Mom after she passed me

This is what 5:00 am in the rain looks like when you're a Savage girl :)