Monday, November 26, 2012

Tour de Savage Home

Yeah, I've lived in my new house for over a month now... guess it's time to give you a tour!

First of all, here's a picture of the floor plan so you have an idea of the layout:

And here's what I've done with it!

The front entry:
(this now has a Christmas wreath... I've been working getting these pictures posted for a while!)

Two-car garage.  Which also holds a scooter:

Entry way from the front door:

1/2 bath on the main level:

View of the entry way (and door to garage) from the hall:

And another view of the entry:

Kitchen from the hallway:

Kitchen again:

...And again... (the door is a pantry):

Living room, from the kitchen:

More living room: 
 Yeah, I didn't clean my house for this... it's my blog, not BHG Magazine!

Stairs to the basement (which are behind the closed door shown below):

Upstairs landing, AKA my office:
 The door on the far left is my bedroom, middle is the laundry room and the right is a bathroom.

Alexsi's bathroom.  (Spoiled!):

Laundry room:

Big fatty storage closet on the landing:

Opposite view of the landing.
The doors are a linen closet, Lexsi's room and the extra bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

Little nook in the master... not sure what to do with it...

Master Bath:

Master closet:
 (The first time in our lives DJ and I have shared a closet!)

Extra Bedroom/Craft Room/ Book Room/ My Sanctuary:

 I didn't get any pictures of Lexsi's room cause she was sleeping when I took all the rest.  But it's just a basic baby bedroom :)  Maybe I'll get pictures of it eventually... maybe not.

And there's the tour!  There's still LOTS of decorating that needs to be done, but I'm basically in love with my house!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Baby Einstein is kind of a lifesaver around here.  Being a working stay-at-home-mom is not as easy as it may seem, and being able to have a guaranteed 20 minutes of peace is like a little piece of heaven.  That being said, I don't let Lex watch her Einstein even every day, but it is nice to have it when I need it!  The girl LOVES her movie!

Yep, there she is, about a foot from the TV stand.  She started back on the other side of the room, and before I knew it she was right by the TV.  I pulled her back to the far side of the rug, and she kept making her way closer again.  Such a goof.

And here she is watching it in her jumper while I work.  Priceless.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Phone pictures!

A little explanation...

 First of all, the cows.  I went with Mama Savage over the mountain to pick up Ranee, and it happened to be on a day the cows were headed up the mountain too.  I know I'm a city slicker, but I thought it was so fun to drive through all the cows!

Next, the picture in the 5th row, 2nd column.  When Lex was a little smaller, I used to have what I called "water days" with her.  Basically I filled a mixing bowl with water and put toys in it and let her splash around. I can't do it anymore cause she's too big and will just flip the bowl over.

The broken side mirror--- yeah.  I ran into an orange construction barrel.  No big deal.

The second to last picture is when Zac and I went to lunch, and I was feeding Lex some tortilla.  I was just talking to Zac and suddenly she grabbed half a tortilla (a BIG one!) and started shoving it in her mouth.  So funny!

The very last one is all Meg's kids in the hospital when Annie was born... so sweet!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Dr. Seuss Becomes Reality

You know that part in The Cat In The Hat where there's a pink ring in the bath tub and they clean it off but then it's on their mom's dress and so on and so on?

That was me tonight.

I was having such a good night.  DJ is coaching the semi-final football game up in Salt Lake, so Nikki and I were hanging out having some quality sister time.  We went out for smoothies, which was awesome!  Lex drank some of mine, but not a lot.  She often shares smoothies with me so I didn't think anything of it.  Why would I?  Now hold that thought.

When we got home, I bathed a very grumpy Lexsi, realized all her PJ's were dirty, and put on her LAST clean long-sleeved onesie and some sweats (yeah, I realize I probably need to do her laundry more than once a week).  I fed her a bottle while rocking her, and I was thinking how happy I was.  I'm so blessed to live across the street from my sister!  I'm so blessed to have this amazing baby!  I'm glad I've never been a stickler on the "make your baby put herself to sleep" thing, because man, this is the sweetest part of my day! You get it, right?  Happy thoughts.


Happy thoughts interrupted by Alexsi barfing.  Not spitting up.  No, trust me, I've dealt with plenty of spit up in the past 8 months.  This was real, projectile vomiting.  I hastily sat her up to make sure she was okay (the poor little thing was really mostly asleep already before this), and she barfed more!  And to make matters worse, the second time it was red.  For about half a second I nearly lost it, thinking she was projectile vomiting blood.  Then logic kicked in and I realized it was probably smoothie.  I turned on the light to be certain and yep, sure enough, there was the Girls' Night Out smoothie, all over me, all over Lex, and all over the floor.  I stood there in shock for about 5 seconds, just staring at the red stain on my brand new carpet.  I checked Lexsi's forehead, and she didn't feel feverish at all.  I set her down so I could assess the damage on the floor and she promptly took off squealing to hide out under her crib, so I knew she was feeling fine.  I was grateful for that, but my mind was already on the next thing, and running a million miles a minute.

"What the crap am I supposed to do?"
"Of course this happens when I'm here by myself!!!"
"I am texting DJ RIGHT NOW and telling him."
"What good will that do?  He won't see it for a few hours anyway, and when he does he'll just feel bad."
"I wish he was home."
"I'm calling Nikki."
"Why would I call Nikki?  I don't think she knows how to clean regurgitated smoothie out of carpet either."
"Good thing I own this house."
"Why did I buy a house???"
"If I lived in my mom's basement she'd help me."
"I'm calling my mom."

And that one I actually followed through with... but got her voicemail.  I proceeded to put on my big-girl pants and do my best to clean the carpet while Lex hung out under her crib and we both were still covered in vomit.  {In retrospect, it seems like I should have cleaned us up first... oh well.}

Armed with dish soap, cold water and a towel, I took on that red spot.  It is now gone from the carpet {I hope-- can't be certain until it dries...} but I have a pink towel (previously green) and many many pink burp cloths.  They're currently in the washer, along with the vomity clothes.  Remember how Lex has no PJ's and barfed on her last clean long-sleeved shirt?  She's now in bed in short sleeves.  And her room smells... a combination of vomit and Dawn.

In case you think I'm exaggerating the red-ness of this situation, I shamelessly snapped a picture of my child's vomit:

I don't think I'm going to win any parenting awards any time soon.


After teasing DJ a few days ago, I cut Lexsi's noodles with scissors today at lunch.  It worked way better than anything else.  

I stand corrected.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Noodles & Such

Tonight I asked DJ to feed Lex some pasta.  I looked over to see her with a whole, long spaghetti noodle hanging out of her mouth.  I sighed and told him he needed to cut the noodles up.  He grumbled a little, and the next thing I knew, he was cutting her pasta with SCISSORS.  Seriously.  That's why we have dads... to keep things interesting.  Also, after the crazy day with Lex, I heard DJ laughing while getting her ready for bed and I went into her room to find the two of them like this:

Yep, that was the only way to get her PJ's on tonight.  Good thing DJ has some wrestling experience.

Here's to a more mellow day tomorrow!

This Girl...

Lex is killing me.  Today while in the bath tub, she grabbed the side and proceeded to pull herself into a standing position.  Uh... what?  She won't be 9 months old for another 10 days.  Mucho take it easy, little girl!!!

The past few days, she's discovered it's really fun to try to get away from us fast when we try to pick her up or "chase" her.  She screams and laughs and crawls away as fast as her little body can.  It's pretty much hilarious!  Well today she used her best evasive tactics right after I got her out of the tub.  As soon as I set her on the floor to get her dressed, she squealed with delight and crawled her naked self underneath her crib.  She threw a fat fit when I pulled her out from under there!

I'm telling you... this girl has quite the personality.  She knows EXACTLY what she wants and is not afraid to make it known!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wednesday was Alexsi's first Halloween!  Naturally, we had to dress her up as Boo from Monsters Inc.:

She's been sick with a cold this week, so I only got a couple quick pictures of her before she'd had enough.  Pretty great, though, right?  For the nightshirt I just bought a 3T shirt so it would be big and loose and then I cut the sleeves shorter. She already had the purple pants and socks, and the little knobby things for her hair were...wait for it... MINE when I was a kid!  Hahaha my mom happened to find them 2 days before Halloween while she was cleaning her bathroom.  So funny, right?  We had a little family party at our house and played Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution.  All in all, it was a good, low-key holiday!

Another first for Alexsi happened today... Her first hair cut!   She never lost any of her hair from when she was born.  Remember when she looked like this?

Gaaah!  She was so tiny it kills me!  Anyway, she didn't lose any of those luscious locks!  The top just grows waaaay faster than the sides.  It was getting out of control.  Like to the point where she looked a little neglected if she didn't have pigtails or a ponytail in.  I wanted her to be able to wear headbands again without her hair looking ridiculous, too.  So before church, I cut her hair!  It made me so sad when I was done!  I cut about 1.5 inches of the top-- I'm not even kidding.  she had that much hair.  It's still longer on the top than the sides, but it blends much better now and she doesn't look like a ragamuffin.  After I cut it I was telling DJ I felt so bad because I cut it all off and now she was practically bald.  HA!  Can you imagine if I had actually had a bald baby?  Here she is, post hair cut:

You can't really tell, except for the fact that her hair isn't in her eyes anymore when it's in a headband!  Haha I adore that girl!!!