Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wednesday was Alexsi's first Halloween!  Naturally, we had to dress her up as Boo from Monsters Inc.:

She's been sick with a cold this week, so I only got a couple quick pictures of her before she'd had enough.  Pretty great, though, right?  For the nightshirt I just bought a 3T shirt so it would be big and loose and then I cut the sleeves shorter. She already had the purple pants and socks, and the little knobby things for her hair were...wait for it... MINE when I was a kid!  Hahaha my mom happened to find them 2 days before Halloween while she was cleaning her bathroom.  So funny, right?  We had a little family party at our house and played Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution.  All in all, it was a good, low-key holiday!

Another first for Alexsi happened today... Her first hair cut!   She never lost any of her hair from when she was born.  Remember when she looked like this?

Gaaah!  She was so tiny it kills me!  Anyway, she didn't lose any of those luscious locks!  The top just grows waaaay faster than the sides.  It was getting out of control.  Like to the point where she looked a little neglected if she didn't have pigtails or a ponytail in.  I wanted her to be able to wear headbands again without her hair looking ridiculous, too.  So before church, I cut her hair!  It made me so sad when I was done!  I cut about 1.5 inches of the top-- I'm not even kidding.  she had that much hair.  It's still longer on the top than the sides, but it blends much better now and she doesn't look like a ragamuffin.  After I cut it I was telling DJ I felt so bad because I cut it all off and now she was practically bald.  HA!  Can you imagine if I had actually had a bald baby?  Here she is, post hair cut:

You can't really tell, except for the fact that her hair isn't in her eyes anymore when it's in a headband!  Haha I adore that girl!!!

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  1. Ava's hair grows SO much faster on the top than every where else too! I keep thinking I should probably cut it... but it gives her so much personality I can't bring myself to do it yet! Also, Lexsi makes the cutest Boo EVER!!!