Monday, December 31, 2012

2012-- A Review in Facebook Statuses

The thing is, I often put things on Facebook that I don't put on my blog.  That seems silly, since I get my blog printed into a book and I don't do anything with Facebook.  So without further ado... my {looong post of} Facebook highlights from 2012!!!

Ashleigh Savage
January 8
All this time I thought I only had a couple stretch marks on my hips-- turns out I have a few on my huge belly as well, only I couldn't see them cause they're on the under-side. CURSES! Just when I thought I would have smooth-sailing with genes from my mom... ;)

Last night I had a dream that my baby was born and it was actually a boy. I cried and cried and cried-- not because I don't want a boy, but because I had no clothes for him. Good gravy.

Three years ago tonight, I met a very attractive man who decided to sing Johnny Cash in my living room. Who knew that 3 years later, I'd be about to have his baby??? I love you, husband!

Sister I dreamed last night that you had your baby and she was beautiful but when I asked if I could hold her, you gave me this look and said "Maybe you should just look at her while Savanna holds her." And you totally didn't trust me to even hold your baby. And then Jill felt bad for me, so she was like "Here, you can hold my baby!" So I stuck my tongue out at you and took Kaitlyn and me and Jill walked out of the room like a couple of 7 year-old girls. I woke up so mad at you, then realized it was a dream and I couldn't stop laughing.

As I was just texting Matt, I was walking down the stairs to my house and missed a step. Luckily I happened to miss the step right above the big triangle-ish step on the curve of the stairs, which is bigger so I had ample space to land, and only hurt my knee a little. Lesson learned.

Me, noticing the record light is on the cable box: "What's recording right now?"
DJ: "That one show you wanted to watch that you thought looked good..."
Me: "Oh! Azkaban?"
DJ: "...what?"
Me: "You know... Azkaban!"
DJ: "..... Alcatraz....?"
Me, laughing my head off: "Whoops. Been reading too much Harry Potter!"

Awesome Primary quotes of the day:
Sharing Time Instructor: "What is something mean someone has said to you?"
Kid #1: "Ummm... they said 'You have a spider on you.'"
Kid #2: "Someone told me they weren't grateful to celebrate my birthday."

Seriously? It's a good thing I wasn't the one teaching, cause I was laughing my head off!

"Justin Timberlake was just like Justin Bieber, only he lived a looong time ago." - Nikki

When I did my laundry yesterday and realized I had only had 1 pair of dirty jeans and 5 pairs of dirty sweats, I realized I *may* have a slight fashion problem...

Oh hey, 'due date,' so glad you're here! Too bad my baby's not... False advertisement.

Ashleigh Savage
February 18
The thing is... I keep expecting to feel movement in my womb-- and then I remember my daughter is actually laying next to me.

Totally lost 20 pounds since Wednesday morning. Best weight-loss method EVER. Now only 20 more to go :)

You know you're a mom when you catch yourself swaying back and forth as though soothing a baby while you're straightening your hair...

This morning when Alexsi woke up I pulled her out of her crib and into bed with DJ and me. As I lay there watching DJ snuggle with our baby, I realized that this is what life is all about, and man am I ever sooo happy and thankful for my blessings!!!

My 3-week-old daughter burps like a full-grown man. I'm not sure if this should make me proud or disgusted...

My little girl is finding her voice! I'm laying in bed while DJ has her out in the living room and is playing a children's songbook cd for her and she just keeps cooing. Sweetest thing ever!

DJ just YELLED soooo loudly about the game... and Lexsi, only about 8 feet from him, didn't even wake up. Perfect little girl for this family!!!

I did my first real workout in months this morning. I momentarily felt super self-conscious about doing the workout in front of Lexsi. Then I remembered she's only a month old and couldn't care less.

I just got an email reminding me that I have tickets to Wicked next week. NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so excited!!!!

It's weird how much Zac sounds like Joshua when you hear him talking in the room above you...I nearly went upstairs to see if Josh had made a surprise visit. Then Zac laughed, and I realized it was most certainly not Josh. No one has a laugh quite like Josh's.

Life lesson: Just because the fire in the fire pit burned itself out 2 hours ago does NOT mean that if you put the pit in the back of your truck and drive home on the freeway that it won't work itself back up into a blaze. Just sayin.

The results are in, and my girl weighs a whopping 12.5 pounds. What a chub. (She's officially surpassed Savanna's birth-weight!!!)

Listening to my "Savages" playlist on Spotify, and for some reason, I can't get the vision of Charri with a pony tail on top of her head dancing around my living room! :)

My baby is laughing at everything I say this morning. It's super cute and awesome, but makes me wonder a little if she's mocking me...

"If he is old enough to ask the questions, he's old enough to receive true answers." -- Mr. March (by Louisa May Alcott in Little Women). I love this. I'm going to do my best to live by this with my kiddos.

Apparently flopping and drama are world-wide things... I keep really trying to like soccer, but... good grief.

DJ: I have to grow a beard at least once, you know.
Me: Okay, well you have to choose; you can kiss me or you can have a beard!
DJ: NO! That's not true!
Me: Yeah. I'm not your mom; I don't like facial hair.
DJ: Well no one in your family can even grow facial hair, so you don't know if you like it!

Ashleigh Savage
August 16
Then and Now... — with DJ Savage.

Photo: Then and Now...
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Lex and Kate are playing together all day today, and I'm pretty sure Lexsi thinks she's big like Kate now. Sorry, baby, you'll always be 8 months behind ;)

Dearest DJ... our daughter just took down 9.5 ounces of Gatorade without stopping. She's never had that much of ANYTHING to drink at once. Wonder who she patterns after...

Somehow, Ursula's singing is way creepier in Spanish.

Today at church Lex was playing with a little girl, and I noticed they had almost identical skin tone and hair color, but Lexsi's eyes were much darker. The funny thing is... the other girl is 1/4 Samoan.

It turns out Lex is a typical young girl-- it appears she looooves Justin Bieber's music.

I just called DJ to see if he could get me some candy on his way home from coaching the game tonight... and realized he was chaperoning the high school dance. HA! Not even a little jealous about that!!

I've been teaching Lex NOT to pull hair... she KNOWS she's not supposed to. And yet... Every time she eats, she gets a big grin on her face, looks straight at me and slowly raises an open hand to her head, then yanks her hair. She thinks she's soooo funny.

Lex has been saying "Dada" for a few weeks now, but today she's saying "Mama!" It's quite possibly the best sound I've ever heard :)

Seven dollars worth of peaches got me 5 quarts jarred, about a dozen to eat fresh, and around 30 containers of baby food (1/2 cup each) for Lex. Success.

One of my least favorite sounds: Lexsi sucking on tags. It's so gross.

I made oven-baked apple slices today for a delicious healthy snack. 7 hours in the oven, let them cool... and realized I forgot to bake them on wax paper. They're stuck to the pan **palm to forehead**

If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to observe the Savage siblings' interactions when they were kids.

Well, dang. Now I have "Choo Choo Soul" stuck in my head. Thanks so much, Jill! ;)

Heaven help me... Lex just figured out how to un-zip things.

Just signed my life away... and moving in tomorrow!!!!

I *might* have hit an orange traffic barrel while entering the freeway yesterday, and it *may* have shattered my side view mirror. You know, cause, my car wasn't already ghetto enough, with one headlight and one taillight out.

Even when your baby keeps you up for hours in the night because she's sick and screaming her face off, and even when you bring her in bed with you in the morning and you try desperately to get some more sleep while she insists on poking you in the face, sticking her fingers in your mouth and trying to pull off your wedding ring, it's impossible to be upset when you open your eyes and see her big brown ones just inches away, staring at you so sweetly. That girl owns me!

"We have to read 'To Kill a Mockingjay' in English."-- Savanna Savage. I wonder when she'll realize this is an insanely good book involving poignant issues in American history, not a new book by Suzanne Collins.

Here's the thing: "Cielito Lindo" has ALWAYS been Lexsi's favorite song. As in, you sing it to her, and she immediately smiles and dances, no matter her mood. {Side note--- I sing the "Ay, ay, ay, ay" part and then insert whatever random English words I choose at the moment-- remember how I don't speak Spanish? HA!} Tonight, after hearing a throng of Latinos sing it while accompanied by a sweet Mariachi Band and one of the most beautiful tenor voices I've EVER heard in the Conference Center, it's one of my favorites too. {And it made me want to learn Spanish more than ever.} My daughter has excellent taste.

You know you're a mom when taking a shower without a child in the bathroom with you is almost as luxurious as going to the spa.

Alright that's it. I need to have twins. I've been looking at photography blogs and twins are the cutest. So, that's settled.

Life lesson of the day: Raspberry Crystal Light stains faces. And hands. And if dripped on pants, it bleeds through and stains legs as well.

Why does my baby insist on eating paper and cardboard? Gaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Speaking in church tomorrow... with an interpreter. Mark that one off of the list of things I never expected to do in my life!

One week til a ROAD TRIP with my all-time favorite road-trippers,NikkiDJ and of course, Lex!!! And 5 days with some of my favorite people in one of the happiest places on Earth--- Lovell!!! {Yeah, I'll take it over Disneyland any day!!!}

Going to the doctor for a 9-month check up and immunizations with a little girl who's teething and grumpy already. "Lord, beer me strength."

Sometimes, the language barrier I have with the people at church isn't such a bad thing. Like, when I happen to run into a member of the Sunday School presidency right after I just pulled a box of tampons of the shelf at Macey's, I don't mind so much that I don't know how to have a conversation with him.

If you haven't heard DJ sing his heart out while he has his noise-cancelling headphones on, you haven't lived. Particularly when he's listening to a Gospel song sung by a black man. Pure entertainment, my friends!!!

I kid you not... Lex just scored 2 on Bop-It. She smacked the "Bop-It" on time, then threw the game, which happened to "Twist-It" right on cue. My 9-month-old dominates!

Lex somersaulted down about 4 stairs today. Luckily, she wasn't hurt at all and didn't even cry, but now I'm stressing about keeping her safe. Unfortunately, the top of my stairs is a metal railing on one side and a metal handrail on the other, so I don't think I can even get a gate to fit... Yikes!!!

The good news? Lexsi is drinking real milk now, which is WAY cheaper than formula. The bad news? She threw up twice tonight on her bedroom carpet and it smells WAY worse than formula!!! Gag...

My house never gets as clean as when I know Mama Savage will be in it in a few days. Thanks for coming to visit this weekend-- my poor house deserves it!!!

Having learned Spanish in from a source other than BYU or the MTC, I've never prayed in Spanish until tonight. It took probably close to 5 minutes of me giggling before I could get myself to say it, and the prayer was like 15 seconds long. Good thing a have an incredibly patient husband who encourages me to do things even when I'm being difficult, and who also happens to have a minor in Spanish teaching ;)

I just discovered tiny lip prints on my bathroom mirror. Apparently Lex is so stinkin adorable, she couldn't even resist kissing her own cute face :)

Lex was exhausted but did NOT want to go down for a nap, and wouldn't take a bottle because she knew she'd fall asleep if she did. Being the good mother that I am, I put hot chocolate powder in with her milk. She sucked that bottle down and went right to sleep. Moral of the story: No matter how much of a fighter you are, no girl can resist the power of chocolate.

One more reason to love winter: When you make too many Oreo balls to fit in your freezer... put them on your back patio. Ta-daaaaa!

"We don't eat paper in this family!" is not a phrase I really ever considered I'd need to say. I can't even tell you how many times a day I say it now.

Spending the week in the hospital with a child with RSV wasn't exactly what I planned for our Christmas vacation... but I'm grateful DJ is off work so he can be here with us, I'm grateful my company is super understanding about the fact I've been missing work, I'm grateful for good insurance so I don't have to pay for any of this stay, I'm grateful I live where I do and have access to the medical help my baby needs, and I'm especially grateful for my baby girl and her sweet disposition even though she's so sick! Even with her oxygen tube in her nose and a probe on her foot, she'll still sing with me and clap her little hands :)