Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wizard of Oz Birthday

For Lexsi's 4th birthday, she requested a Wizard of Oz party.  I've always loved The Wizard of Oz, and that combined with my love of throwing parties made this day an absolute blast for me!  Here are some pictures of her big day:

I found these adorable Wizard of Oz medallions online that I used in several aspects of the party:

Here were the girls' prize bags:

Rainbow streamers on the ceiling:

The "yellow brick road" for the girls to follow:

Each girl started by getting a basket, putting on their Dorothy apron that I had made them, and getting their hair braided:

Next they got to pick up "Toto" and start down the yellow brick road:

Their first stop was to meet the Scarecrow, who gave them each a prize bag with a puzzle inside-- to help their brains grow!

Next they met the Tin Man, who gave them each a bag of silver and red heart-shaped candies and rings to wear:

The Cowardly Lion was next, and each set of sisters got a night light to help them be brave in the dark:

Last was Glinda, who gave each girl a jar of candy labeled "Glinda's Goodies."

Here are my girls walking down the yellow brick road:

The kitchen decorations, which included hanging "poppies" for our poppy field:

Lex decorated her own cake, and she kept commenting on how beautiful it was!

Here's the table set up for the party:

A close up of the cake:

My girls are so blessed to have so many cousins close to their age!  Here are all the girls at the party in their Dorothy getup: 

My sweet Lex blowing out her candles:

It was so much fun to put together a party for my sweet little lady!  I can hardly believe she's been mine for 4 years already!