Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Dump

Seriously, we're talking close to 50 pictures here.  The thing is, I take LOTS of pictures of Lex on my phone, and I never knew how to get them online til like 3 days ago.  So... here are the pictures I have of her since she was born in February.  There are a few things we can learn from these pictures; 

1.) I take many many pictures of her while she sleeps.  I can't help it, she's adorable!  
2.) She has gotten progressively cuter.  I think we're in trouble.  
3.) Her hair has gotten SO LONG!  It's crazy.  Plus it's now a dark reddish-brown, rather than the black it was when she was born.  


1 Day Old

 I can't get over how huge this binky looks!  Her little face was tiny!!!

Ready for March Madness!

First trip to PCMC

I SO wish she would still sleep on our chests.  She was so snuggly!

Bahahaha!  This day she was SO tired but would not go to sleep, so she looked like this:

Getting loved by McKay!

One of the first smiles I ever got a picture of

It's so dark, but I LOVE her "touchdown" hands while she sleeps!

After about 7 hours in the car, she was still this sweet:

Fiesta Hair!!! (and a major double chin!)

After our last trip to PCMC-- no more brace!!!

First piggy tails!

This is the typical Lex face-- mouth wide open :)  I adore her!

And now, for posterity's sake... these lovely pictures of DJ and Zac eating suckers (weirdly):

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Letter

My Dearest Lex,

Little girl, you just need to know how much I adore you.  Can you even begin to comprehend?  Probably not today, but I know you will someday.  Tonight I crept in to see you like I do multiple times each night, and my heart just filled up!  You're the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen, and you continue to find ways to delight me each day.  Your sweet little smile, your crazy hair, your silly faces, your adorable cooing sounds, your infectious laugh... you truly make me the happiest mama ever!  Sometimes, when you wake up in the night and I get up to feed you, I stay awake and rock you for an extra ten or fifteen minutes after you finish eating and are back asleep, just so I can cuddle you and look at your sweet face.  It's worth the missed sleep to spend time with you.  I know that I'm going to turn around and you'll be all grown up-- so I want to take the time now to hold you in my arms while I still can.  When I looked at you sleeping in your crib tonight, I thought to myself, "I have exactly what I've always wanted."  And Alexsi, I really do.  Of course I hope to have little brothers and sisters for you someday, but I can't even begin to tell you what an answer you are to my prayers, and for now, my life is perfectly sweet and complete.  I'll love you forever, my little Lou!

Love always,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekend Festivities

Last weekend was so great!  First of all, I never mentioned the trip we took to PCMC last Thursday morning!  Lex had another ultrasound and met with the orthopedic specialist again.  We got the GREAT news that she doesn't have to wear the harness any more!  We'll go back up in August when she's 6 months to get a pelvic x-ray (up to this point, she's been too little and her bones not developed enough for an x-ray, which is why we've done ultrasounds) just to make sure everything is still forming properly.  Then we'll go again when she starts walking to make sure everything is still good with that extra pressure.  Over all, we feel incredibly blessed.  The situation could have been much much worse, but she healed SO quickly!  I'm so grateful we live so close to one of the best children's hospitals!  Also, we never paid a penny for any of the doctors visits, ultrasounds, harness, etc.  It's such a blessing to have such awesome insurance!!!

Sunday was a lot of fun, it being Mother's Day and all!  DJ got me a pedicure foot bath, which is great!  I always have sore feet, so it's going to get lots of use! He also gave me a framed picture of him and Lex which is just adorable.  He made homemade bread and monkey bread all by himself for dinner, too.  He's so cute!  On top of that he got up with Lexsi 3 nights in a row so I didn't have to get up the night before Mother's Day or my birthday!  Talk about a keeper!

For my birthday, we decided to have a pizza and ping-pong party.  We brought my mom's ping-pong table down to our kitchen, which was fun!  Nikki and I played "Pop Pong," (rather than "beer pong," you know...), and we were both pretty terrible.  I think we ended in a draw.  

Lex loved hanging out with so many of her favorite people!

As is now tradition, DJ made and decorated my birthday cake.  Don't pretend you don't know what this is... it's clearly Princess Aurora! 

25 candles sure seems like a lot... I'm getting old!
 There was soooo much smoke...
 And yes, we really did need Nik to fan in front of the fire alarm so it didn't go off!

All in all, it was a GREAT day!  DJ gave me a pair of my favorite shoes, which is fantastic!  I have a pair that I got when I was pregnant, but they're a little big now that my feet aren't swollen.  So he got me a bright green pair in the right size!  I had a great time with all my family that day!

In other news... This little cutie is in pigtails today.  Can you believe it?  3 months old and sooo much hair!  I'm pretty sure I didn't have enough hair for pigtails til I was like 2 or 3 years old.  That lucky little girl!