Friday, July 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

A glimpse of what it means to be a stay-at-home, working mother of a 5-month-old.

July 19, 2012

3:40 am-- Alexsi wakes up.  I stumble to the kitchen, make a bottle, feed and burp her, and she promptly goes back to sleep.

5:00 am-- I am finally back asleep

6:00 am-- I am awake to say prayers with DJ before he goes to coach.

6:10 am-- I am back asleep

7:00 am-- Lex is awake.  I get up, pull her out of bed, lay her on her play mat and I start working.

7:30 am:  Lex is hungry.  I make a bottle, start a load of laundry, and in the middle of feeding her, decide to document our day with pictures.         

I feed her

burp her, (which she thinks is torture)

and change her diaper.

7:50 am-- Back to work for me, back to the play mat for Lex.

8:05 am-- Alexsi needs a nap.

8:06 am-- The camera battery dies.  Crappy cell phone pictures are the alternative.

8:10 am-- I swaddle Lexsi, snuggle and rock her for a few minutes, then lay her in bed with her "friends" to go to sleep.

8:14 am-- I am back to work.

8:25 am-- Lex is fussing, so I go put her binky in and sing her "I love to see the temple."  I switch laundry and make some toast.  Back to work. 

8:45 am-- Lexsi is crying.  I go in, re-swaddle her, give her her bink, and creep out again.

10:05 am-- Lex wakes up.  That was a good, long nap for her!  She spends some time with her daddy, who is home from coaching, then plays on the floor while DJ and I work.

10:25 am-- Lexsi is ready to eat.  I feed her, change a stinky diaper, get her dressed, switch the laundry, make myself and DJ smoothies, and head back to my desk to work.
(she may or may not be watching the Braves in this picture...)

11:45 am-- Time for nap #2!  And I go back to uninterrupted work.

12:40 pm-- Lex is awake, and sits on my lap as I work for a few minutes.

12:50 pm-- I finally get dressed for the day!

1:00 pm-- I pack Lex in her car seat (with her Mexican dolly) and head to work to train some people to help me out with my job.  

1:15 pm-- I feed Lex a bottle while making copies and starting to train.

1:20 pm-- Lexsi lets out a ridiculously loud and un-ladylike burp, and gets a good laugh out of my fellow employees.

1:25 pm-- One of my co-workers decides she wants to hold Lex.  I hand her over, with the warning that she's a very spitty baby.

1:45 pm--I take Lexsi back, and the co-worker has a HUGE wet spot on her jeans from where Lex spit on her.  I feel bad for a minute, then remember I did warn her, so....

2:00 pm-- Done with training, I pack Lex back in her car seat and head home.

2:01 pm- 2:15 pm-- Lex proceeds to throw a terrific temper tantrum.  When I pull up at the house, I jump out quickly, prepared to calm her down, and when I see her I realize she hasn't cried a single drop, she was just screaming because she was mad.  Diva.

2:20 pm-- I feed Lex some more, because she didn't eat much at work.  I proceed to change her diaper and take her clothes off of her, as they are soaked in spit.

2:30 pm-- I put Lexsi down for nap #3.

2:40 pm-- Lex is fussing.  DJ goes in to re-swaddle her and calm her down,

2:50 pm-- Lex is fussing.  I go in to re-swaddle her and calm her down,

2:59 pm-- Lex is fussing.  DJ goes in, and comes out with Lexsi.  She wins.

3:30 pm-- I go to the store with my mom and brother to get some stuff for his birthday.  Lexsi stays home with DJ, in the hopes that she will finally take a nap.  She does.

5:40 pm-- We return home, and prepare to go out for a birthday dinner.

6:00 pm-- Rather than going out, the boys go to pick up food and we decide to eat in.  While they're gone, my mom and I make a birthday stocking for Matt.  You don't know what a birthday stocking is?  Well friend, you're missing out.  

6:15 pm-- Watch Matt open his birthday stocking.

6:30 pm-- Laugh hysterically with my mom as the fam takes turns using the whoopee cushion.

6:31 pm-- Mom laughs so hard, she doesn't pay attention and accidentally knocks her glass of milk into my lap.  We laugh harder.

7:00 pm-- DJ takes Lex down to bed.

7:15 pm-- DJ and I head to the movie theater to see a pre-showing of "The Dark Knight Rises."  

11:15 pm-- DJ and I are blown away with the movie.  It was seriously SO COOL!  I want to watch it again.  And own it.  

11:30 pm-- We arrive home, and see that Lex is asleep in my mom's arms in her rocking chair.  Apparently she woke up crying and was inconsolable, so my mom got her out of bed and fed her, and she didn't go back to sleep for two hours.  She had a rough night.   

11:45 pm-- I read scriptures to DJ as he rocks our sweet girl, and we decide to bring her into our room and let her sleep in the cradle for the night.

12:00 am-- We are in bed, ready to sleep.

12:30 am-- I am up again, with a pounding headache.  I take some night time Tylenol, and head back to bed.  After a long day, I'm down for the count.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Life has been busy!  At Lexsi's 4-month appointment (yeah, it was a few weeks ago), these were her stats:

- Weight: 12.5 lbs (14.7%)
- Height: 25 in (65.66%)

That's the lowest percentage she's had in the height category, which is probably why I think she's so chubby when clearly, the girl is actually quite skinny.  

Lex has been...

 Teething.  Still.  NOT FUN.

 Being all big in her "big-girl" seat.

Swimming (and sleeping) at 7 Peaks.

 Discovering that she LOVES to swing in the park with Kate.

 (And... continuing to chew on her fingers wherever she may be).

 Meeting her cousin Brooklyn.

Getting snuggles and secrets from Great-Grandma.

And-- oh,yeah-- standing on her own.
(Leaning against stuff, but with no parental support.)

As my mom says, she's a whole lot of mischief in a small package.  We're going to be IN TROUBLE soon when she figures out how to be mobile!