Monday, July 9, 2012


Life has been busy!  At Lexsi's 4-month appointment (yeah, it was a few weeks ago), these were her stats:

- Weight: 12.5 lbs (14.7%)
- Height: 25 in (65.66%)

That's the lowest percentage she's had in the height category, which is probably why I think she's so chubby when clearly, the girl is actually quite skinny.  

Lex has been...

 Teething.  Still.  NOT FUN.

 Being all big in her "big-girl" seat.

Swimming (and sleeping) at 7 Peaks.

 Discovering that she LOVES to swing in the park with Kate.

 (And... continuing to chew on her fingers wherever she may be).

 Meeting her cousin Brooklyn.

Getting snuggles and secrets from Great-Grandma.

And-- oh,yeah-- standing on her own.
(Leaning against stuff, but with no parental support.)

As my mom says, she's a whole lot of mischief in a small package.  We're going to be IN TROUBLE soon when she figures out how to be mobile!


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