Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Blanket

Wanna see what I whipped up in less than an hour tonight?  Here ya go!!!

Do you love it?  It was 100% made-up as I went.  Those are the best!  For some reason, my camera took the picture in kind of dull colors, but they're actually extremely vibrant! It looks a little boy-ish in this picture, but it can honestly be used for a boy OR a girl (hence the bright colors), which is why I made this one today.  I have LOTS of ideas rolling around my brain for baby blankets, and since I'm going to need a lot lot lot of blankets between all the spit-up and diaper explosions I'll be dealing with in a few months, I'm glad I've got fun ideas for lots of  cute blankies!  My baby will have the coolest ones!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Butterflies? I think not!!!

Today the craziest thing happened... I'm pretty positive I felt my baby move!  Since this is my first and I've never experienced it before I can't be 100% sure, but I'm pretty confident I really did.  Almost everyone I know says it feels like butterflies in your stomach.  To me, it wasn't quite like that.  At first it just felt tingly, and I think the best way I can describe it is being tickled from the inside.  I LOVED it, and I can't wait to feel my baby more often!  It should be only 3 weeks til I find out if it's a boy or girl!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The strangest thing happened...  My stomach got hard.  I knew this would happen.  At least, I knew in theory that it would happen.  But I did NOT expect it at 13 and a half weeks!  I'm really glad though, cause for the past couple weeks I've felt chubby, with extra flab around the middle.  Now I actually feel pregnant, with my pokey-outy tummy.  I can't stop touching it.  It's so weird and funny and cool.

Best adventure ever.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

10 Random Pregnancy Thoughts

#1: I don't know who decided that pregnancy was equated with pickles and ice cream.  Probably one woman ever wanted that, and I'm guessing she just wanted that mix of sweet and salty and it was before chocolate-covered pretzels were invented.  That doesn't mean any one else ever thought it was a good idea.  So don't ask me if I want any and then act like you're the world's funniest person.  Thanks.

#2: A lovely little thing has been introduced into my life.  It's called heartburn.  Curse you, heartburn!  A couple days ago I had acid in my throat ALL. DAY. LONG.  I ended up throwing up, which of course only perpetuated the issue.  Horrifying.  I've heard that if you have a lot of heartburn when you're pregnant, your baby will have lots of hair when they're born.  Some say it's an old wives' tale, but there's actually a study about it in the "What to Expect" book-- and let's be serious, that thing is practically the Bible.  So, it looks like I'll be giving birth to a very hairy child (Esau, anyone?).  Or, given the size of the typical Savage infant, it may be more like a baby Sasquatch.

#3: I've become aware that there is a sick right of passage for Kaiser girls: you must throw up in a plastic bag in your car while driving in order to be a real woman.  Or something like that.

#4: A quick thought on complaining:  One of my biggest pet peeves in the world when I was trying to get pregnant for so long was when I would hear people complain about their pregnancies.  I would think, "Seriously?  All I want more than anything is to be pregnant, and you're going to complain about being pregnant???"  I would pray my heart out and say that I'd take any kind of sickness and discomfort that came with it if I could just be pregnant.  And I swore to myself I'd do it without complaining.  You know what?  I think I've done a pretty good job of that.  I joke about getting fat and other things, but I really don't mind.  Even when I throw up and DJ asks if I'm okay I usually just say, "I'm fine."  I don't think I've really complained (you'd have to verify that with my husband, he may think differently), and that's something I'm proud of!  Really I have nothing to complain about right?  I asked for this blessing for so long and now that I have it the last thing I'm going to do is gripe about it!

#5: "Getting thick," is a term I say in my head multiple times a day.  I look at myself in the mirror and I think it.  I feel the way my clothes fit and I think it.  I sit down and see my gut and I think it.  Cause really, I've gained like 6 pounds but I feel like I look fat.  I have a little pudge in front and my love handles are thickening along with a little back fat.  I'm really okay with it, given the circumstances, it's just weird.  I didn't think it would happen quite so early.  My mom informed me it's because I didn't have strong stomach muscles before I got pregnant.  Good to know I'm kind of a slug, Mom, thanks! ;)  But seriously, I'm sure she's probably right.

#6:  Sugar is my best friend.  I am a salt-lover in real life, but since I've been pregnant I can't get enough sweets.  It's super super weird for me.  I drink Crystal Light ALL the time, which I didn't even like before.  Every time I eat a meal I think, "Okay, now where's the dessert?"  That's just bizarre.  I don't even really like dessert in real life.  I may or may not have eaten 4 cookies last night at a barbecue.

#7:  Maxi dresses are my absolute best friend.  It's all about reducing the bulk around the waist, people!

#8:  For a while when I was trying to get pregnant I got bitter about other people who were and I hated hearing about it on Facebook and other places.  After a couple months of that I realized it was my own issues that we're making me upset, and I was choosing to be angry instead of just being happy for them.  So, I got over it and got used to seeing other preggos and I still wanted to be pregnant but it didn't make me mad any more that I wasn't.  The thing is, some days I worry about posting stuff about my pregnancy on Facebook cause I don't want to make anyone sad.  And then I have to remind myself that this is my life and I have every right to be thrilled about it!  The last thing I'm going to do is complain on Facebook.  But if I want to share something about my life, why the heck not??? If that's offensive to you, remove my as a friend. I won't be offended.

#9:  When I was a teenager, and even since I've been married, I always thought, "It will be SO nice not to have a period for 9 months!"  And what's funny is, when you're pregnant that doesn't really cross your mind.  You've got so many other things you're dealing with that you don't really remember the fact that your skipping your period.  Don't get me wrong, it is nice and I don't miss it one bit, but I'm sure the aftermath of childbirth will more than make up for 9 missed periods.  Gross.

#10:  It's really weird that to get a baby you have to grow it inside yourself!  I was thinking about that the other day.  I mean, really?  There is a HUMAN BEING growing inside my body.inside???  Bizarre.  Incredible, but still, bizarre.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bar Stool Makeover

A few months ago I was looking into buying some more chairs for my table.  It's counter-height, so I actually needed bar stools.  I was having a hard time finding any I loved.  SO... I picked up two hideous bar stools on KSL for $5.  They were ugly yellow-y wood with maroon vinyl tops.  I forgot to take a "before" picture.  They've just been hanging out in my house cause they were too tall for the table.  Yesterday, DJ cut them down for me so you can actually sit on them at the table.  Today he painted them, a dark brown marbled with a light blue:

Notice that lovely maroon top.  Mmmmm.   Tonight my mom and I went to the fabric store and chose a fun, geometric fabric to re-cover those suckers.  It was seriously the easiest project ever!  I wanted to leave the vinyl underneath and make a removable, washable cover for the seats so they would be easy to clean.  All we did was cut out a circle about 4 inches bigger than the top of the seat, then zig-zag stitched over a ribbon around the outside edge.  Then we pulled the ribbon to gather the circle, popped it over the seat, tightened and tied it, and VOILA!  New bar stools!!!

Fun right?  And definitely worth that $5! (okay with the fabric the grand total was like $10 for 2 bar stools.  I'm thinkin that's a steal!!)

Thanks to my fabulous mother who is a wizard with projects like this.  As I told her earlier today, I'm not very good with circles.  And to my fantastic husband who is always up for fixing up crappy old furniture with me!  It was nice to have help!