Wednesday, December 22, 2010

REALLY one of those days...

... when I can't even write a blog without something ridiculous happening. Many thanks to my youngest brother, Matt, who hacked my blog with the previous post.

So anyway... Today we had a sweater contest at work. You know the kind. I'll be posting pictures later when I get them from my co-workers. Suffice it to say, I literally borrowed a shirt off of my grandmother's back. Awesome!

At work for the past few days my bosses have been sending out emails with trivia questions to all the employees. The first person to respond with the correct answer wins a gag gift. TODAY, I won a Justin Bieber biography. Oooooh man you should have seen the uproar it caused! There's a girl I work with who legitimately wanted that book. She's 21. The book is hardcover, and the jacket of it had a poster printed on the back. Naturally, the Biebs poster got hung right above my computer next to my Michael Jackson poster which I won at a white elephant party last week. SO cool ;) Anyway, when this girl came in and saw it on my wall, she was livid! You'd think that a 21-year-old would have a little bit of self control. And maturity. Not so. She told me how unfair it was that I got the book that SHE wanted, and that it's NOT a gag gift if someone really wants it. Bahahaha! It was pretty entertaining. All I can say is, I have a GREAT white elephant present for my family Christmas party tomorrow night :)

So, to round out my day, I dropped off some dinner to a lady in my ward who had a baby a few days ago. I was in DJ's truck, and the lock in that thing is a doozie. Sometimes, it chooses not to unlock all the way when you open the door. That definitely happened tonight. I dropped the food off and walked back to the truck to find it locked, with the keys in the ignition and the lights on. The icing on the cake? DJ was on his way to Salt Lake taking Nikki to the airport, and he had the only spare key. I called the Provo PoPo, but, lucky me, they don't have the equipment to open cars for people. So I ended up leaving the truck running in their driveway for an hour and a half until DJ got home. Luckily I live only 2 blocks away, so it wasn't hard to get home. When DJ got home we went and rescued the truck, and all was well again.

And there's my day. Nothing TOO exciting, but funny enough that I want to remember it!!!

Just One of Those Days....

I just feel like the ridiculousness of this day of my life needs to be documented. The day started with me being the lamest person ever and being jealous of how cool my brother Matt is. Also, his curfew is now 3 am. And I owe him a thousand dollars.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grandma's Apple Pie

Today, I tried my hand at canning. It's something I've seen my mom do my whole life, but never attempted myself. I figured there was nothing better for my first canning experience than to bottle up some of Grandma Savage's apple pie filling. If you've never tried it, you haven't lived. With some help from my excellent mom, I ended up with enough pie filling to last me a good long while! I'm looking forward to treating my family to some homemade apple pies from scratch on Christmas Eve. Marrying into a family that has a Southern Grandma certainly has it's perks :)