Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Months!

So, now that October is nearly over, I guess it's time to talk about how Lexsi turned 8 months old on the 15th!  Here are her 8 month pictures:

Yeah, not the best month... I tried two separate days to take her picture and she just wasn't having it.  Too bad, so sad.

Some things about Lex:

- She is army crawling!  She's getting around anywhere she wants to go, and it's sooo cute to watch!  I love it!
- She has now mastered the art of saying "Mama."  She also learned how to say her B's and N's this month.
-  She is an excellent eater!  She doesn't eat baby food anymore, because she only likes food she can chew. She eats spaghetti, bread, bananas, crackers, cheerios, barbecue chicken (weird, right?), mashed potatoes... you name it, she eats it.  The only thing I've had her spit out is pineapple.  So, she's crazy like her dad and doesn't eat that fruit!
- She is VERY vocal.  If she doesn't like something, she'll let you know, loud and clear.  When she's happy, she babbles all the time.  She "sings" a lot throughout the day too, which is awesome!
- After the move, she was kind of struggling to get back in a good sleeping pattern.  2 nights ago, I discovered the solution:  I put a body pillow in her crib.  I had had the thought before that I should do that, cause it would make her snuggly and she wouldn't be able to turn around in her bed like she usually does.  BUT, of course, I was worried because people say babies can suffocate on pillows.  Well, I decided to throw that worry out the window and I'm SO glad I did.  She's been sleeping wonderfully ever since then!
-Rooms that echo are her favorite.  She usually yells "Dada!" over and over once she realize her voice echos.
- She is a big time show off!  Particularly in church-- she is always peeking over our shoulders or the pew to get the attention of the people behind us, then she'll flash them a big grin to get more attention.  If people happen to not pay attention to her, she will "talk" to them until they do.  The girl knows how to get what she wants!


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