Monday, November 5, 2012

This Girl...

Lex is killing me.  Today while in the bath tub, she grabbed the side and proceeded to pull herself into a standing position.  Uh... what?  She won't be 9 months old for another 10 days.  Mucho take it easy, little girl!!!

The past few days, she's discovered it's really fun to try to get away from us fast when we try to pick her up or "chase" her.  She screams and laughs and crawls away as fast as her little body can.  It's pretty much hilarious!  Well today she used her best evasive tactics right after I got her out of the tub.  As soon as I set her on the floor to get her dressed, she squealed with delight and crawled her naked self underneath her crib.  She threw a fat fit when I pulled her out from under there!

I'm telling you... this girl has quite the personality.  She knows EXACTLY what she wants and is not afraid to make it known!!!


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