Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Phone pictures!

A little explanation...

 First of all, the cows.  I went with Mama Savage over the mountain to pick up Ranee, and it happened to be on a day the cows were headed up the mountain too.  I know I'm a city slicker, but I thought it was so fun to drive through all the cows!

Next, the picture in the 5th row, 2nd column.  When Lex was a little smaller, I used to have what I called "water days" with her.  Basically I filled a mixing bowl with water and put toys in it and let her splash around. I can't do it anymore cause she's too big and will just flip the bowl over.

The broken side mirror--- yeah.  I ran into an orange construction barrel.  No big deal.

The second to last picture is when Zac and I went to lunch, and I was feeding Lex some tortilla.  I was just talking to Zac and suddenly she grabbed half a tortilla (a BIG one!) and started shoving it in her mouth.  So funny!

The very last one is all Meg's kids in the hospital when Annie was born... so sweet!!!


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