Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yes, I have much more important things to blog about (ie. Alexsi's blessing, our latest trip to PCMC, etc.), but I was too excited not to post this right now.  We got new couches!  Technically a couch and love seat, but you know... tomato, tomato. (Isn't it funny how when you type that, it really is the same word twice, even though you're pronouncing it differently in your head? huh.)

We sold our monstrosity yesterday and picked a couple of more compact little beauties!  We did love our old couch, but we really got so sick of the stupid chaise, which was MASSIVE and just stuck out in the middle of the room all the time and was a nuisance.  Plus all the oversized seating was just... kind of awkward and not what we wanted anymore.  So, we listed it on KSL and sold it within the day!  We then headed to the RC Willey Outlet and chose out these little lovelies:

The best part?  Each of the end seats in the sofa and both the seats in the love seat recline!  So we're now sporting 5 recliners in our living room!  Ka-CHING!  Love it!

Another unexpected bonus was that the pillows came with the furniture, and they really help tie the color of our brown recliner to the gray-ish color of the new furniture.

LOVE!  There's just something so awesome about new, never-before-sat-in furniture :)


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