Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easters!

Seriously, I can't think the word "Easter" without thinking of Nacho Libre.  Whoops!  Today started off great-- Lexsi slept 7 hours last night straight, then another 2, and DJ had to wake her up at 8 am to get her ready for church.  She looked so stinkin cute in her Easter dress!

Seriously, she's the cutest baby I've ever seen!  I know I'm biased but, hey, that's my right!!!

So, right as we were going to leave for church,  Lexsi filled her diaper.   My initial thought was, "Oh... so THIS is why people with babies are late to stuff!"  But then I got her changed quickly and we were still early to church.  I'm a firm believer that having a baby doesn't give you some inherent right to be late to things... just plan ahead, plan to leave early, and when things come up you'll be prepared!  OBVIOUSLY things will come up really last minute sometimes, and you'll end up being late, but that happens in life before you have kids too.

OKAY-- enough of my rant about lateness :)  For Easter, DJ got me a book, Toy Story 2, and a voucher for a 60-minute massage!  I got him basketball shoes.  For Lexsi we got a doll that sings in Spanish, some books and a couple pacifiers.  It was Lexsi's first day at church, which was fun.  After church, we took some traditional family Easter pictures:

I must say, I LOVED my Easter dress this year!  Thanks a million to my mommy!  

Happy Easters!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Easter dresses--yours and Lexi's both! And she certainly ranks up there in the cutest baby ever contest, for sure!