Monday, April 2, 2012

Things To Remember

Alexsi will be 7 weeks old in two days.  She's growing up so much, and there are some things I don't want to forget:

- She looooves to "talk" to us.  DJ and I both are obsessed with getting her to coo and squeal at us.  So stinkin cute!  Today she even "sang" with me.  I was singing to her and she started grinning and cooing with me!
- She HATES to burp.  You'd think we were starving her, the way she carries on and cries every time we take her bottle away to feed her.  (In reality, we started giving her more formula each time we feed her last week, so she's getting plenty.  She's just always been worried she wouldn't get enough to eat.)
- She's obsessed with having her legs out of her brace-- as soon as we "release" her legs, she kicks them out super straight and she just loves it.  Hopefully her hips will heal quickly-- if she doesn't have to wear the brace too much longer, I imagine she'll be an early walker like me.  Chances are not great that she'll be out of it quickly though :(
- She's been holding her head up briefly since she was about 2 weeks old (crazy, right?), and now holds it up for extended periods.  She's got a strong little neck!
- This girl LOVES her pacifier.  I'm really grateful for that, cause she's got a crazy sensitive stomach, so when it's hurting her, it's really nice that she'll take a binky.
- A few noises she hates:  Velcro, clinking dishes together, and people blowing their nose.  Weird things to hate, but they make her jump every time.
- She loves to bury her face to go to sleep.  And I don't just mean lay on her tummy--- she literally plants her face straight down against your chest, not turned to the side.  Also she likes to burrow her face down into your armpit or crook of your elbow,  It's pretty strange, but I guess it's comforting?
- She is SO stinkin skinny!  Even though she's tall, she's in newborn diapers and onesies still!  Even the 0-3 month onesies are too big for her,  She's just tiny.  I recently discovered that her 3-6 month dresses fit over her brace, so now she wears dresses every day, even though it makes her look much bigger than she really is.    At least she doesn't just have to rock the onesie any more!
- She is still a Daddy's girl.  Of course she loves me too, and we get to spend lots of time together, but I'm also thrilled that she has such a close relationship with DJ!  They're so cute together!

And that's all for now!  Just some simple things to look back on later :)


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