Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Paid To Have Fun!!!

So, remember how I said I couldn't sell the furniture I refinish because I love it so much? Well I'm slowly learning to overcome that. A couple weeks ago I picked up this baby from DI:

Such a cute shape, right? I knew I had to have it. I brought it home and in about an hour I had transformed it into this:

It was so fun, and I love it! It looked so cute being in the same room as THIS table I did last month. Once again I didn't want to sell my creation. However, I listed it on KSL and decided to see what happened. After being listed for about a day, I was almost hoping that I'd get my wish and it wouldn't sell. BUT.... I got an email from someone who loved it as much as I do. I ended up selling it, and you know what? It didn't kill me. I got to refinish something adorable, which I absolutely love to do, and I got paid to do it. Also I didn't have to find a place to put the table once it was finished. Let's be honest, my apartment isn't big enough for all my projects!


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