Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Wouldn't Love Him?

I love my husband. For lots of reasons. One of them: He loves Young Adult literature as much as me. Tonight he is engrossed in this book:
...which has given me the time to clean my kitchen with Pandora on a Spice Girls station. There's nothing quite like Spice Girls, Brittany Spears, J-Lo, Christina Aquilera, N-Sync, Ace of Base, etc. to get you pumped up for cleaning. I know DJ even secretly loves it, because every now and then he'll bust out a line of the song playing or I'll catch him bobbing his head to the beat as he's reading. Gotta love that!

Okay, so last week I got a phone call from my husband when I was at work. It went like this:

DJ: Hey, so... where do you keep the paint?
Me: Ummmm... in the top of my closet...
DJ: Okay thanks I love you!
Me: Wait! What are you painting?
DJ: Just something. You'll see!

Needless to say, I was anxious to get home and see what he had concocted. I immediately smelled the paint when I walked in the house, but I didn't see anything right away... then he showed me this:
Ummm... I LOVE IT!!! I've been looking for something for months that would help keep my bathroom organized and my counter clear of all my crap (clearly, I have very little counter space).
Check out that distressed-ness! And aren't the colors perfect?
Here's the top... It's really perfect!

And now my hair products have a home! It's so nice to have things more orderly. The best part? He paid $5 for this at DI. What an adorable husband! I'm smitten!!!

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