Friday, March 11, 2011

A hitch in the plans....

Ever since I found my love for refinishing furniture, I've thought that when I'm not working full time anymore, I'd love to have a little shop where I could refinish furniture and then sell it. Today I realized the problem with that plan: I have a hard time parting with my creations. You've got to see what I did today! It started with this little DI beauty:

And with in a matter of a few short hours, I had transformed it into THIS:

Do you love it?!?! I sure do. Tell me those handles aren't absolutely adorable! I had sucha blast making this! My plan was to put it in my bathroom to help control my hair product mess. Turns out my bathroom is too small to accommodate it. SAD!! So now I have no use for it. DJ suggested I sell it. I probably should. But it's just so dang cute! I hate to part with it. I would rather it go to someone I know, so if any of you want to make me an offer, please do!


  1. I love seeing your posts. I love seeing other people that don't just look at something and see what it is, but see what it could be...and to take the time to turn it into it's potential. :) Great job.

  2. SO, SO cute. I want it, but I don't think I really have a use for it, either. Dang sha-dang.

  3. bahahahah "Dang sha-dang!!!" I seriously just laughed out loud! The good news is, if no one ends up wanting (or actually NEEDING) this, I think I'm going to have a booth at a vintage boutique this summer and just sell a whole bunch of refinished furniture :)

  4. Wow you really do have a talent Ash - This is beautiful!!