Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hall of Fame

Living in Provo definitely has its advantages. Family, BYU, good shopping, BYU, beautiful mountains and BYU are just a few things I love about being here. (I'll have you know that the first item on the list is clearly the most important to me, not the most repeated item ;]). One of the many advantages we have from living in Utah is that my Dad is here and he gets the Provo newspaper, The Daily Herald. The Herald has been printing BYU basketball posters in segments for the past couple of months. My Dad, being the great person he is, has saved each of these posters and given them to my husband, who is quite possibly the biggest BYU basketball fan on the planet. We've been collecting them, and today we went and laminated all of them. They are now hung in the only hallway of our home, making it, of course, the Hall of Fame. It's honestly pretty sweet. I love it, and it's a great area to hang them in. It doesn't disrupt any of the [cute] decorations, but it really looks great!

This is the view from our door that connects our apartment to my parents' house. Jimmer is the first thing you see! haha! We do love BYU! Go Cougs!!!


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