Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mia Mae

Miss Mia is as precocious as ever.  She is so much fun to be around, and I just adore her!  Here are some things about her lately:

- She is such a great eater.  She's happy to try anything, and there are very few foods she doesn't like.  
- She is a total smarty pants!  The way that she speaks is just hilarious to me-- most 2-year-olds don't have such an advanced vocabulary, so it just cracks me up to hear the things she says!

- Her favorite primary song is The Wise Man and the Foolish Man.  Her favorite secular song is "Watch Me."  She loves to whip and nae nae... haha!

- She is such a sensitive girl.  If anyone around her is sad, she starts crying too.  Another benefit of her vocabulary is that she can tell me exactly how she feels-- if she's sad, hurt, nervous, scared, etc.  It's very helpful.

- She and Lex are sharing a room so that Pyper can have her own, and it's going great!  They both actually sleep better now that they're in the same room again.  So Mia goes to sleep around 7pm (she usually falls right asleep, even if Lex is awake and messing around for a while), and wakes up between 7:30-8am.  I have a feeling that she'd sleep later if she didn't share a room, cause I think Lex is the early riser.  But that's okay.

- Little Einsteins is her very favorite show, and she is always pretending to be Quincy.  I'm not sure why she doesn't choose to be one of the girls, but there you have it!

- She is has very strong opinions and is not afraid to let you know it!  I love that quality about her, and sometimes it's super frustrating.  

- She has a unique sense of style-- as in, she believes no outfit is complete without a skirt.  She'll pick out jeans and a t-shirt and insist on wearing a skirt with it.  I do my best to steer her away from ridiculousness, but in the end she's 2, so I don't care that much.  I'd rather let her have an opinion.

- She is a BIG tease.  She knows exactly what to say and do to get under Lexsi's skin.  Lex will be freaking out about whatever it is Mia is doing, and Mia just laughs.  Again, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's super frustrating.  She is pretty much a free spirit.

- The most exciting of Miss Mia's recent developments is that she's potty trained!  I'm extremely excited about that.  At the beginning of January I decided to go the "lazy route" with potty training, and put her in pull ups.  I just wasn't quite ready to commit to cleaning up pee all over the house yet.  After about a week, I realized she was keeping her pull up dry most of the time so I made the switch to regular panties.  She obviously still had accidents, but it wasn't terrible.  Now it's to the point that I feel confident in saying that she's fully potty trained.  I go out in public with her and leave her in regular panties, so life is good!  I haven't tried tackling night time potty training yet, but I think she'll pick it up quickly so I'm going to try soon.  It's so amazing to only have one kid in diapers!  Mia was a full year younger than Lex was when she decided she was ready to potty train, so I'm incredibly grateful that she was ready when she was so young!

- She is a great big sister to Pyper, who she calls "Py-puh."  I love that she can't say her "r's" yet.  

- She completely idolizes Lex, and wants to do everything she does.

Here are some recent pictures of my sassy girl:

She came out with her shopping cart, a baby, a backpack around her neck and a microphone and announced, "I'm going to Grammie's house!"

One day at Smith's while I was putting groceries on the conveyor belt, Mia opened a pack of Rolo's.  I was not thrilled to have to buy them, but I learned my lesson:  never leave Mia unattended by the candy.

I was trying to do dishes and she just HAD to be held, so we made do:

 Again with the backpack around her neck.  It is apparently her fashion statement:

She adores Pyper so much, but doesn't quite grasp the need to give people space.  Luckily, Pyper is used to that.

Getting her fingers and toes painted!

 DJ was on the computer and heard Mia say behind him, "That's a LOT of popcorn!"  When he turned around he saw this.  Haha this is what happens when your kids are independent.

Eating yogurt with a knife at Sean's reception.  Cause she does what she wants.

Wearing Lexsi's crown from church.  

She got to go with her Daddy on a date to get donuts and new panties after her first full day of no accidents while potty training:

Playing in a fort:

Eating her free apple from Smith's.  Pretty much the best thing ever.

She's obsessed with apples, but always eats the core all the way to the seeds.  I keep telling her not to, but she doesn't seem to care.  I know the core won't hurt her, but it can't be delicious enough to keep eating!

She is so proud of her Braves "warm-up suit!"

Wearing her jacket backwards...

She insisted all the ponies needed to go on a walk around the store, so I obliged.

Braves girls:

Playing with Pyper:

My girls just have awesome hair!

She is seriously obsessed with pepperoni.  She would eat it for every meal if I'd let her!


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