Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015-- A Quick Review

It turns out I have an issue with blogging.  If I start to get behind, I tend to get overwhelmed and stop blogging altogether because I feel like it's going to be way too hard to catch up.  I'm going to try and hit some highlights over the past 4 months (yikes!) and then do one post for each of my girlies and what their lives are about these days.  And from here on out I'm going to do my best to just, well, do my best.  And then move on, instead of getting caught up in things I've missed.

Thinking back on 2015, I consider it to be our family's Year of Medical Mishaps.  Every single person in our family had serious medical issues or procedures in 2015.  In February, Lexsi broke her leg.  In July, I had a c-section.  While that's not a mishap by any means, it is a serious medical procedure and took a fair share of recovery.  Pyper also obviously spent time in the hospital at that point-- not because she was unhealthy, but the business of being born is still a pretty serious ordeal!  The day that I checked out of the hospital, DJ checked in.  He had to get a blood transfusion--which, side note, somehow cost more, with one overnight stay, than my 4-day hospital stay with a c-section.  Apparently blood is like liquid gold.  With as much blood as I've donated in my lifetime, you'd think it wouldn't cost thousands and thousands of dollars for my husband to get blood, but there you go.  ANYWAY... he had so little blood in his body that the doctors were shocked that he was even conscious, let alone the fact walking around and functioning as well as he was.  The first few weeks after Pyper was born were pretty awful physically for both of us.  After his hospital stay, he ended up having a surgery a few weeks later and then another one later in the fall and now, thankfully, he is doing SO much better.  In October, Mia got a concussion and spent the night in the ER.  So, yeah.  It was an unfortunate year medically for us.  Hopefully this one runs a little smoother!

And now, a picture overload to hit the highlights.  

First of all, this super insane picture of my postpartum hair loss.  Seriously guys, worst receding hairline award goes to me.  This happens every time after I have a baby.  Obviously I don't pull my hair back when I'm bald like this.  I'm really good at masking it, and most people probably don't even know I'm actually balding.  Until now, of course, when I post it on the internet for the world to see.  Basically I'm just putting this out there for myself down the road and my posterity to see the weird things that can happen after giving birth.  Never fear, it always grows back.  I'm not bald anymore.  But yikes.

In the end of October, Matty came home from his mission in Brazil!  It was the first time in three and a half years that my entire original family was all together.  It was awesome.

I took the easy route for Halloween, and safety pinned a Beanie Baby tag on Pyper's fall jacket jumper, and just had the big girls choose from their copious amounts of princess dress ups.  It was a success.

The girls got to put their Christmas tree up in their room in early November.  I quickly learned not to leave Pyper alone with it.

Not long after the girls got their tree, I put up a Christmas tree in the downstairs living room. I'm telling you, Christmas with toddlers is the very best!

This year for our upstairs, we got a real Christmas tree for the first time ever.  I didn't buy nearly enough lights for it, so the bottom was all lit up prettily and the top was sparse.  The ornaments were distributed in a similar manner, cause my girls were in charge of decorating.  And that's fine.

I needed to make Pyper a stocking this year, and had to make Mia a new one as well cause when I pulled hers out of storage it had a mysterious stain on it.  I love that my first Christmas with DJ, I made our stockings.  Now each time we have a baby I can make another and they all go together well.

The girls and I met my mom in Draper to go to the Festival of Trees.  They loved it, of course!

This is super random, but Mia and Lex do this thing that they call "belly bumpers" where they just ram each other with their bellies... 

My babies on the Sunday before Christmas:

We have loved all the snow this year!

Matching Christmas Eve PJ's!  My fave :)

This is the Christmas Eve setup:

And the aftermath of Christmas morning:

Sean got married the weekend after New Year's, so we were down in Provo hanging out with our Savage fam for a few days.  It was a blast!  Mia was apparently exhausted, cause she fell asleep with Papi every day we were there.  

Pyper finally got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Savage!  She was an absolute gem the whole time we were there.  She was passed around to all the family members and was as sweet as can be!

Lex also fell asleep one afternoon (super weird!)

Papi, Daddy and the big girls at Sean's wedding luncheon.

Mia, Lex, Kennedy and Kate at the reception:

Mia and Hailey:

All my lovies in their pretty wedding dresses:

And that's as caught up as it's going to get for now.  Here's to better blogging in 2016!


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