Wednesday, October 14, 2015


A few weeks ago we went down to Provo for DJ's birthday, General Conference and Mia's birthday party.  One of the days we were there my mom and I took the girls to the BYU Bookstore to get DJ a birthday present.  Pyper was grumpy so I took her out of the stroller and put Mia in.  It had the car seat attached to it at the time.  Mia stood up in it and I told her to sit down, and so did my mom.  She didn't listen and ended up falling out of the car seat inside the stroller and landing straight on her head on the hard floor.  She screamed for about 30 minutes straight, and was super super pale.  When we would put her on the floor she was really unstable.  She wanted to be held and was laying on my shoulder.  She was really not herself at all.  I was really worried about her.  I looked up signs of a concussion and was confident that she had one.  Within about an hour she seemed more like herself and even ate some dinner so I wasn't overly concerned.  I just kept checking on her once she went to sleep to make sure she was doing okay.

Around 1am she woke up crying and I went in to find she had thrown up all over herself and her bed.  I woke up my mom to help me get her cleaned up while I cleaned the bed.  While my mom had her in the bath she threw up again (and apparently it choked her, which scared them both a ton.  I'm glad I didn't witness that!), and I decided I needed to take her into the Emergency Room, cause the concussion might be worse than I originally thought.  I called DJ and told him he needed to come down.  I'm sure the drive from Brigham to Provo at 1:30am to come to the Emergency Room and meet your tiny child there was probably 0% fun!

My dad came with me to the ER, and on the way Mia threw up again.  We went up to Timpanogos hospital in Orem (because I love Mountainstar the best) but it turned out their CT scan was down.  So then we went to Orem Community Hospital.  Poor Mia threw up several more times and kept falling asleep on my shoulder only to wake up and barf again.  Right before she threw up every time she'd say, "I don't want to barf!!!" and then she'd cry while she was throwing up-- it totally broke my heart!  They gave her some Zofran, which helped her not to barf for a few hours.

While we were at the hospital, she was pretty much in panic mode and did not let any nurses touch her, even just to get her oxygen levels.  Luckily she fell asleep before the doctor came to do the CT scan, so she was pretty out of it when they actually did it.  Otherwise I know she would have fought it and it would have been awful.  After the CT scan was done DJ made it to the hospital and my dad went back home.  I'm really grateful he came with me so that I wasn't alone driving her around town in the middle of the night and sitting in the ER for hours!  The doctor came in not too long after DJ got there and told us that everything looked okay-- her brain and skull were looking healthy.  That was such a relief!

We got back home a little before 5am, and Mia and I showered because we were both covered in barf by that time.  DJ took her to bed and slept with her while I went into the other room and slept with Lex and Pyper.  by about 7am everyone was awake already-- so miserable!  All that morning Mia just wanted to be cuddled.  I kind of loved that!  She kept taking naps on my chest.  In the afternoon I laid her down for a good nap in her bed and she seemed a lot better after that.

I am so very grateful that my sweet girl is okay!  She is such a monkey that it was pretty much inevitable that she'd get injured at some point.  Head injuries are just particularly scary!  I'm just so grateful it wasn't more serious.

This is the one picture I got of this whole ordeal-- the day after, while she was in recovery mode and kept falling asleep on me!


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