Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Miss Mia is TWO!

In some ways, it seems like Mia has been two for a long time.  She's so smart and her vocabulary is incredibly advanced, so she often seems older than she really is.  I know it seems like I brag about her vocabulary a lot-- but it's really just so incredible to me!  The thing is, I know I'm not just an overly-proud mama, cause practically everyone she meets expresses their surprise in her language skills.  I felt particularly justified in my sense of pride over her skills after Keesha told me back in August that she was so impressed with Mia's ability to talk, especially because she also speaks Spanish.  Keesh teaches at a daycare and spends every day with a whole group of 2-year-olds, so she definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to that age group!  Mia is just a super smart kid!

In addition to her impressive vocabulary, Mia is learning the alphabet!  She can point out nearly any letter and tell you what it is.  She's really good with capital letters, but I don't know about lower case ones.  I haven't really ever asked her about those!  I'm currently teaching her how to spell her name using Mega Blocks that I wrote on.

Mia is such a good eater!  She's so willing to try new things, which is a HUGE deal to me, considering I have another child who is extremely picky.  She especially loves fruit and vegetables.  She loves to pick cherry tomatoes out of the garden and eat them!  She usually eats an apple and an ear of corn every day.  She's just a great little eater!

She has been such a good sleeper, and it's awesome!  She usually goes to bed between 6:30-7pm and sleeps between 12.5-13 hours straight.  It's super nice.  The past few nights she's woken up around midnight, but that's unusual.  She has essentially stopped napping {already!  UGH!} but that makes it so she falls right asleep when she goes to bed so it's mostly okay.  I still usually make the girls have quiet time every day, so we all get alone time and it's good for everyone.

We started going back to our English ward, and Mia loves Nursery!  There are 3 little boys her same age and then Lexsi in the nursery class.  When Lex goes to Primary in January hopefully Mia still does well-- I think she will!  She's a pretty social kid.

Mia is a great little singer, and knows lots of Primary songs.  She listens to the Children's Songbook songs in Spanish every night as she goes to sleep, so she's really good at singing them in Spanish.  Cutest thing ever!

She is such a sensitive little girl.  If her feelings get hurt she'll start crying and saying, "It broke my heart!" So. cute.

Mia is still obsessed with cats.  She sleeps with about 5 stuffed cats and she just loves them all so much!  Our neighbor has a cat that comes to visit us sometimes and it just makes Mia's whole life!

Miss Mia is a total sass... she has so much personality wrapped up in her little body and I LOVE it!

This girl is a big time climber.  She just can't seem to keep herself from monkeying around!  One day we were outside and I was holding Pyper on the porch swing while the big girls played on the playset.  I couldn't see Mia anymore and asked Lex where she was.  Lex kept saying, "She's right up there!" but I still couldn't see her-- when I came over I realized she had climbed out ON TOP of the monkey bars over the swings.  She's just absolutely fearless.

For her birthday this year, we decided to do a fairy party.  Her cousins Kennedy and Addi came to my mom's house for the party and they got to dress up as fairies, pop bubbles with their fairy wands, go on a fairy hunt, play balloon games, and eat fairy cake!  This party was by far my least organized, but considering we were all recovering from the ordeal of Mia's concussion it wasn't a super high priority!

She thinks she's super hilarious, and I do too!

 Fairy Birthday Party girls:

Popping bubbles:

Fairy Cake:

Mia's new bicycle from her Aunties:

She loves her kitties!

Birthday Pictures:

Picking "bendgetables."  She loves those tomatoes!


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