Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 23-March 8

So, I didn't meet my goal of blogging last week but I don't even feel bad about it cause my time was consumed with other important things-- which I'll get to!  My weekly (or bi-weekly) posts are going to have lots of pictures, cause that's just how I roll!

February 23:  Mia had a rough day.  She was crying about the silliest little things, all while Lexsi kept saying in the background, "Mia is SO dramatic!"  Haha!  At one point in the day she saw suckers in the cupboard and I wouldn't give her one so she plopped herself on the floor and cried, "SUCKAAAA!"  Her life is hard.

Later that day I found Lex jumping off her bed on to a pile of pillows.  Pretty awesome!

February 25:  It was free day at the zoo, so I took the girls down.  Unfortunately it was a little windy and the wind was cold, so we didn't stay as long as I had planned.  The girls both really liked the elephants!

This seal swam right up to the glass, and it freaked Lex out so bad!  Mia just kept waving and saying, "Hi!"

I love that Lexsi expresses her emotions to me-- we were by the gorilla cage and the gorilla was sleeping right up next to the glass.  Mia went right to the glass and looked at it, but Lex hung back and then told me quietly, "Mom, I feel a little nervous!"  So I held her and told her it was okay to feel nervous and it's always a good thing to express your feelings!

After the zoo we headed to the Disney store, where the girls chose new stuffed animals.  Mia got Figaro (Minnie's cat) and it's hilarious to hear her sing, "Figa-wo, Figa-wo, Fig---a---wo!"  Lexsi chose Anna and Elsa stuffed dolls and they've become her sleeping companions.

One day I straightened Mia's hair for the first time.  It was cute, but I still love her natural curls best!

March 1:  I hadn't been on Family Search for a while, and had been feeling over the past week or so that I really needed to.  On Sunday after church while everyone else napped, I hopped on to see what I could find.  Nearly 4 hours later, I had found 73 people in my family line who needed temple work done!  I love Family History.  I really believe that anyone can find someone in their family who needs their help to get their temple ordinances completed.  I often pray that I can be led to the people who need help, and I've had so much success in finding them!  Because I've found such an incredible amount of people, I've been trying to get all the help I can to get their temple work completed.  I am only one person and it would take me SO LONG to accomplish all this work, if I ever really could get to it all!  I'm so grateful to my mom and sister, who not only immediately offered their help, but have already taken names to the temple and started completing work for our family!  It's such a great experience to be able to share with my family.  I love it so much!

March 3:  I ordered these shoes from a girl here in town who custom makes them, and I got to go pick them up!  I am pretty much obsessed with them.  Pyper is going to look SO good in them, I just know it!

Also on March 3rd we got the most snow we've seen in a while!  Golf season is underway for DJ, but since it snowed so much he didn't have practice, so he came home early and played outside with the girls.  Mia loved it and immediately started walking all over the yard.  Lex was uncertain for a while, but then ended up staying outside for a really long time with DJ!  We don't have a good snow coat or pants for Mia, so we stuffed her into a 6-9 month snow suit.  It fit surprisingly well, it was just a little too short and the arms were short.  It kept her plenty warm, until she fell forward and face planted because the tightness of the snow suit made it so she couldn't catch herself!  She was pretty much done after that, so I took her in.

March 4:  I went into crazy person mode and basically rearranged my whole house.  Maybe it was nesting, but mostly I was just needing to change some things.  Mia had been sleeping in the downstairs bedroom since Christmas time, when we attempted to take Lexsi's binky away (which we tried for 3 WHOLE WEEKS and she wasn't sleeping.  Not at night or in the day.  It was awful for all of us, and in the end after lots of praying and weighing our options we decided it was much more important to her health to get the sleep she needs than to not have a binky.  I'm definitely taking Mia's binky sooner though).  After that it was just easier to keep them separate but with a trip to St. George coming this week I really wanted to get them adjusted to sleeping in the same room again so we're not all miserable in the hotel.  Also, they had toys in Lexsi's room upstairs, the upstairs living room AND the downstairs living room, and I was just going crazy with it all.  So I moved Mia back upstairs, moved their dollhouse into their bedroom along with some books, and move all the other toys downstairs.  Our third bedroom (which is really my craft room) is now converted into a toy room.  It makes my life so much better to have a designated room for their toys.  It's SO NICE!  Since I took the shelf out of the upstairs living room that had books and toys in it, I rearranged the furniture and it looks way better now.  It's so so awesome to not have toys in the living rooms!  I took a big piece of carpet we had from our house in Spanish Fork and cut it down to a good size for the living room, and it's nice to have that in there.  Now I need to get some decorations on the wall and a coffee table and I'll be in business!

The girls' room now (we also swapped out the pack and play for a crib, and Mia is doing fine in it for the first time ever):

The toy room (my crafting supplies are all covered and on the other side of the room):

Upstairs living room:

March 6:  My mom was in town, and I went to dinner with her and my aunts.  It was nice to get out of the house and have some time with other adults!

March 7:  Lex had some snuggle time with Daddy, then let her little cosmetologist skills shine by working on her dollies and me.

The girls got sent to the back yard to play together on the trampoline, and it was awesome for all of us!

I found these insanely big and delicious strawberries on a good sale at Kent's, and since I've been on a huge strawberry kick since I've been pregnant this time, I bought a lot.  (12 pounds!)  Last night I made some homemade strawberry jam with some of them, and we're looking forward to having that deliciousness for a long time!

Some time during this past week, Lexsi has stopped calling me, "Mommy," or, "Mama," and switched to just calling me, "Mom."  It's kinda funny to hear her call me that, it makes her seem so old!


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