Sunday, February 22, 2015

Updates on the Girlies

Since Lex just had a birthday and Mia is growing up more every day, I thought it was time to share updates about them.


- This girl has an incredible memory!  Sometimes she reminds me of things we've done like 6 months ago that I had completely forgotten about.  This is a blessing and a curse-- If I tell her something I absolutely have to follow through, or she'll remind me that I haven't!

- Her Spanish is continuing to progress.  She knows that she has to speak to DJ in Spanish, and she's really good at that!

- She is not a fantastic eater.  She loves spaghetti, cheese, peanut butter, rice, and chili.  To get her to eat any fruit or vegetables I have to put it in a smoothie.

- She still loves Disney Princesses.  She knows all their stories and can tell them to you.  She also knows the songs and loves to sing them!

- Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

- From the time she wakes up in the morning til the time she goes to bed, she wants to be in a costume.  She has a LOT of princess dresses, and she changes in and out of them all day!

- She knows a lot of Primary songs, and it's so cute to hear her sing them!  She has great pitch,

- She is still an outside girl, and wants to be at the park or on the trampoline as much as possible.

- She is an awesome big sister to Mia!  They fight, of course, but honestly Mia initiates it more often than not.  Lex loves having Mia to play with most of the time!  They're best friends.

- Her favorite toys are her kitchen, her doll house and her Doc McStuffins check-up clinic.

- She is convinced the Brigham City Temple is HER temple, and gets offended if we ever say it's "ours."

- She plans on being a "miss-a-may-wee"  (missionary), and tells you that missionaries teach about Jesus, the temple, and families.  She is convinced that she's going to serve a mission with Mia.

- She is SO excited to be having another sister, and tells me all the time how she's going to share her things with Pyper.

- She is so very funny.  She's witty and silly and she makes me laugh so much!

- She loves doing craft projects!  If you give her a bottle of glue and something she's supposed to glue together, she'll go to town all on her own.  I love how independent she's becoming!

- She is an all-around awesome kid!  I love her so so much and don't know what I'd do without her in my life!


- This child is a handful!  She's always getting into something.  It's hilarious and frustrating all at once.  She's so curious, and I know it's just that her little brain is developing and she needs to explore new things.

- She is tiny as ever.  She mostly wears 12-month clothes (she's nearly 17 months old).  At her 15-month check up she was less than 19 pounds (3%).  I don't remember her exact height but the percentile was in the 70's.  Her doctor told me that her language skills and her mobility was more on track with an 18-month-old than a 15-month-old.  She's a little smarty pants, and wants to make sure she keeps up with her sister!

- She talks SO MUCH.  She can tell you pretty much anything she wants, which is really helpful!  She will say anything that you tell her to as well, like a little parrot.  She talks way more than Lex did at her age, which is saying something cause Lex has always been a talkative little thing!  I absolutely credit Lexsi for Mia's good language skills-- having a sister only 20 months older than you that talks to you and around you all the time is definitely helpful in developing your vocabulary!

- She has surprised me by knowing songs that I never intentionally taught her.  One day I was singing "I Am a Child of God,"  and she was singing the last word of each line.  So cute!  A couple days ago the same thing happened with "I Love to See the Temple."   These are songs that I never sat down and taught her, but we've sung them enough around the house that she's picked them up.  I love that!  She also sings "Sunbeam"  ("suuuuuun  BEEP!"), Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn, Snowman, Let it Go, Once Upon a Dream,  Shake it Off, the Doc McStuffins theme song... and I'm sure there are more but I don't remember.

- She is obsessed with dressing up, and especially loves accessories.  Necklaces are this girl's best friend!

- She knows where her facial features all are, along with her hair, hands, feet and belly button.  She'll point to the proper body part whether you ask her to find it in English or Spanish.

- She has a pair of Converse All Stars, and she is so in love with them.  She wants to wear them all the time.  This morning she threw a huge fit because I wouldn't let her wear them to church.  DJ put her church shoes on and she cried and cried and took them off, then grabbed her Chucks and insisted, "SHOES!!!  SHOES!!!"  In the end she went to church barefoot because I put my foot down and told her I wasn't going to let her wear Chucks to church.

- She loves Lexsi so so much, and always wants to be with her.  She does start fights some times, mostly if Lexsi is spending time with Me and Mia gets jealous.  She'll come over and say, "MINE!"  and try to push Lex away from me.  Hopefully this phase passes quickly, since she's going to have to deal with a newborn in the house in a few months!

-  She is an EXCELLENT eater.  She'll eat anything I give her, and especially loves fruits and vegetables.

- She is incredibly dramatic.  If she's upset. she lays down on the floor face-down and cries.  So silly.

- She has one of the most infectious smiles I've ever seen.  It's incredible!

- Mia is just amazing to have around.  She is funny and smart and fun to be with.  She brings so much happiness into our family!

These two girls are the best!  I love seeing them grow and develop, and I love that we get to add another little girl to the mix soon!


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