Sunday, February 22, 2015

Catch Up

It occurs to me that I have been the WORST at blogging.  Really.  And so, here is a fast catch-up of the last 4-ish months!

We dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween:

We let the girls paint their pumpkins for the annual Kaiser pumpkin contest (Lexsi won the $20 first prize!):

The girls love playing with Daddy:

We went to Lovell for Thanksgiving and experienced fantastic driving weather, delicious pie, lots of snow to play in at Mammie and Papi's house, and had fun being with family:

In December we decorated for Christmas:

Basketball season started:

Lexsi helped me sew stockings for Grammie's mantle:

Mia made fantastic messes:

Lex made her own Nativity set (she calls them A-tibidies):

We went to more basketball games:

The girlies got dressed up for Christmas Sunday:

We spent the week of Christmas in Provo at my mom's house.  Meg and Josh were both in town with their families (something that hasn't happened in years!) so we had 11 kids with ages ranging from 1 year old to 9 years old in the same house!  It was wild and fun!  We took some of the kids to a BYU game that week and stopped for lunch first: 

We opened presents on Christmas:

The girls loved playing with cousins (here are Cougar and Mia):

We had family pictures taken:

We went to MORE basketball:

Mia got her first hair cut!  I cut about 4 inches off the length in the back-- it was just a mullet!  It made me sad to cut so much length off but it really did need it.  It looked much better after.


The transmission went out on my car at the beginning of January, so the girls and I have been doing a lot of this:

Lex plays in my kitchen on a daily basis, which I'm totally okay with. One day I was downstairs and called up to see ask what she was doing.  She responded, "I'm just making trouble!"  Sure enough, she had found a 1-pound box of corn starch and dumped it everywhere.  It was a nightmare to clean up (and I still find it falling out of the cracks in my table), but such is life!

I painted my front door on a whim one day.  My house needed a pop of color!


Mia decided that accessories are the coolest (and bibs count as accessories in her mind): 

We've gone to the park nearly every day this February!  Talk about great weather!

More fun with Daddy:

I took the girls to Temple Square one afternoon and forgot a stroller, so Lexsi walked over 2 miles that day!  She's a trooper.

We've been staying up too late to watch basketball:

And more basketball... the girls were making "snow angels" on the court after a tournament one night:

And I made Pyper her first blanket:

And now I feel sufficiently caught up.  I'm going to try to take a page out of Ranee's book and blog once a week (probably Sundays), because I hate the thought that I'll forget the fun day-to-day things that are happening in our lives!


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