Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lexsi's Doc Party

On February 7, we had Lexsi's 3rd birthday party.  We went down to Provo to have it since most of our family in Utah is there, and also because my mom's house is awesome for accommodating a crowd!  I had SO MUCH FUN getting everything ready for her party, and it was great to see all the little girls enjoying it!

My mom made this cute, "Pin the band-aid on Chilly" game (which, unfortunately, we never actually got around to playing!):

She also made this fantastic game, which is basically a huge "Operation" type game.  Lambie has different "diseases"  and the girls had to pull a candy out of each area with the tongs:

Instead of cheapy party favors, I decided to have make the girls all Doc dress-ups and let them wear them and "diagnose" their little stuffed animal "patients":

I made them each a "Big Book of Boo-Boo's,"  where they write the diagnosis for their patient:

Each of the bigger girls got a lab coat (a white t-shirt cut down the front with felt "buttons" hot-glued on), as well as a Doc headband:

They all got "stethoscopes" (made from headbands, ribbon and felt), and everyone got a Doc bag to keep all their things in:

Just a few pictures of the decorations:

Here are the girlies in their Doc uniforms!  Lexsi is so lucky to have so many girl cousins close to her age!

Mia has recently become obsessed with dressing up, and you could tell she felt SO cool to be like the big girls!

Lex got LOTS of presents, which was so fun for her!

And here she is with her Doc cake!  

And this is because, well... she's three.  And it's funny.  And one day she might be mad about me sharing this, but it's real life, people!  Things aren't always pretty and perfect!

Before all her friends came for her party, we gave her our present.  I was SO excited about it, because this doll house was mine when I was a little girl!  Meg and I used it, but not as as much as we probably would have if we had the right-sized furniture and dolls for it.  I lucked out and found the perfect furniture and people, and I've been having a blast playing it with my girls!  My mom actually refinished the doll house, and it was quite the project!  I'm so grateful for her hard work to make such a fun toy for us to enjoy!

Here's what the doll house looked like after being in storage for MANY years since Meg and I were done using it:

And here it is now:

And here's the interior before:

And after!

Here's Lex when she was opening all the people and furniture for the house:

We LOVE the doll house!  It gets used every day by both girls.  It is so awesome!

Since we celebrated Lexsi's birthday party a week before her real birthday, the festivities just kept on going!  We had a Valentine's Day party on Friday the 13th for all the young kids in our neighborhood, and had birthday cupcakes there.  Then on her actual birthday (Sunday the 15th), we had brownies and gave her a present from my Grandma and Mammie.  It's a Doc McStuffins check-up clinic, and it's so cool!  It has lights and sounds and lots of parts that go with it.  It's another toy that both girls use daily.  I was so excited when I found it, because the normal price is $75, and it was on clearance for $30.  The day I found it it was an additional 25% off, so it was just over $20-- the perfect amount to combine birthday money given from Mammie and Grandma K.!   

DJ assembled it while Lex was napping, and Mia broke it in for her!

I'm a big fan of making birthdays a big deal-- I want to celebrate the people I love most!  I feel like Lexsi's birthday this year was a total success!


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