Sunday, January 25, 2015

14-15 Weeks

Last Monday, I went to the doctor for my 14-week appointment.  My doctor is SUPER awesome, and I get to have an ultrasound at every single appointment.  It's the best!  DJ had the day off (MLK Day),  so he was with me at this appointment.  When the doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender of this tiny baby we were both surprised but of course we jumped at the chance!  He checked for us, and told us he's 80% sure it's a girl!  Apparently we are the best at making girls.  Lexsi is pretty excited, especially since she's been telling us from Day 1 that she's having another sister.  Of course there's the 20% chance that we'll still have a boy, but for now we're planning on another sister in the house!  Since we found out early we decided we might as well share the news with everyone.  This is the picture I put on Facebook:

That's a lot of pink!  Good thing DJ is such a great dad to his girls!  I imagine he'll spend plenty of time on the golf course when things get a little too emotional at home haha.  As long as this baby turns out to be a girl, her name will be Pyper Rose.  We love the name Pyper, and Rose is after DJ's sister Savanna Rose.

Today I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and here's how I look:

Weight Gain:  4.5 Pounds
Cravings:  Strawberries!


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