Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Doc is In!

Last week I asked Lexsi what kind of party she wanted for her birthday this year, to which she promptly responded, "Doc McStuffins!"  I was a little surprised, because up to that point I fully intended to have another princess party for her this year, since she's still Disney Princess obsessed!  I was at a loss at first when I first started thinking of what to do for a Doc party.  Then I remembered the beauty of Pinterest!  I got several great ideas, and since I was spending the week at my mom's she helped me make lots of fun things!  I had it in my mind that I really wanted to make her a Doc dress, and today I made it happen!

For those who don't know, this is what Doc looks like:


She's always in a purple striped shirt with a pink skirt and polka dot leggings.  Here's my interpretation:

I happened to have all the material I needed on hand, so this cost me absolutely nothing to make!  Fabric hoarding pays off, people!  It took a few hours and was worth every minute to see her excitement.  I've never actually constructed a bodice before, but it was really simple.  Of course, choosing stripes for your first-ever bodice may not be the smartest idea, but I have enough sewing experience that I wasn't too worried, and the stripes are all lined up so it's all good!

I also added a little "band-aid" to the skirt of the dress, because it's fun.  And cute.

And, as a little preview for what's to come at the actual party, here's Lex in some of the party favors we made for all the kids... it's going to be so fun!


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