Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baby Sav #3

 My life is a little bit of a circus right now.  I have a 2-year-old, a 1-year-old, and surprise! I'm pregnant with baby #3.  I am so so happy to be blessed with another baby in my family!  I'm very grateful for the timing of this baby as well.  Anyone who knows me knows I've always wanted my kids close together-- between 18 months and 2 years apart.  You probably also know that after struggling with infertility before getting pregnant with Lexsi, I haven't been on birth control.  I've learned that I just have to accept that Heavenly Father is in control, and will send children to me when He sees fit-- whether that's 10 months apart or 5 years apart.  It's kind of an incredible thing, finding that you can turn such a huge part of your life over to the Lord 100% and be completely at peace with it.  It obviously took some time to get to that place, but I'm definitely there.

A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant, I was having a discussion with my SILs about how I was okay with not being pregnant-- and how weird that was for me.  Mia was just over a year old, and I really wasn't concerned with the fact that I wasn't pregnant again.  I just know now that Heavenly Father is the boss, not me.  I had even jokingly told DJ that I was done having kids-- because once a child gets to be about a year old, they are so much more independent and that makes life easier on a mom!  Well, I guess it just goes to show that as soon as you think you have life figured out, Heavenly Father reminds you that you're actually not in charge at all.  {Side note-- DJ told me that he had been praying for a son.  He told Heavenly Father that he'd love a daughter too, but he specifically wanted a son.  I was surprised to hear that, cause he certainly wasn't praying for that in our couple prayers.  He knew that I was okay with not having a baby right now so he took the matter to Heavenly Father on his own and in the end the two of them won.  Ha!}  I found out I was pregnant on November 10th.  Since we were going to Lovell for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to tell our families at that time.  I was barely pregnan, but I didn't mind letting everyone know so early!  The thing about me is, I'm pretty much an open book.  The only reason for not telling people that you're pregnant early (in my opinion), would be the risk of miscarrying and having to tell everyone.  But for me, if I miscarried, I would tell everyone anyway because I would want the support it brings.  Having been through the trial of infertility, I understand now what a huge blessing outside help and support can be in difficult times.  So for me, there was no reason not to share the great news of this wonderful blessing in my family's life!

It's incredible to me how all my pregnancies have been so different.  I was SO sick with Lex, all the way into my third trimester.  I wasn't sick at all with Mia.  This time, I'm mostly okay but I have a sick day like once a week where I'm super nauseous and throw up a bunch, no matter what I eat or do or what medicine I take.  It's definitely better that it was with Lex, so I'm not complaining!  I'm 12 weeks along now, and I'm feeling chubby.  I'm in the phase my cousin has dubbed "The Cheeseburger Phase."  I'm not cute and pregnantly round yet, but my stomach is feeling bigger-- like you can't tell if I'm pregnant or just had a few two many cheeseburgers.  I wear a lot of loose shirts so I don't look like I'm just overeating.  I wish I would have documented my weight gain with my other pregnancies but I'm going to this time in case I get to have another baby!  And speaking of which-- this could really be my last pregnancy, which is sad to me.  It ultimately depends on what the doctors recommend (since I have to have c-sections) and even more importantly, what Heavenly Father tells us to do.  I'm hoping for a fourth child, but I really do believe that Heavenly Father will help me to understand what's best for me!  In the end, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant again, and for the chance to bring another incredible little spirit into our family!

Baby #3:  11 Weeks Pregnant (this was last week)
Weight Gain:  3 pounds
Cravings:  CFDC and chips (when I'm feeling sick)

This is the ultrasound picture of the baby at 9 weeks, with the heartbeat showing on the top!


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