Thursday, March 19, 2015

22 Weeks

Update time!  Since the ultrasound where we found out we're having another girl, I've had 3 additional ultrasounds-- at my regular appointments at 18 weeks and 22 weeks and my in-depth one at 20 weeks-- and every time it's been confirmed that we're really having a girl!  I'm getting so excited to have a tiny snuggly baby again.  I love that she's going to be so close in age to my other girls... we're in for a lot of fun!  I keep imagining them in school together and all the fun they're going to have.  It's going to be awesome!

This pregnancy has been a lot more like when I was pregnant with Lexsi than when I was pregnant with Mia.  Mia was pretty much the dream pregnancy... I was never sick, I slept amazingly well and I pretty much didn't feel pregnant til I was like 36 weeks along!  With Pyper, I've been pretty sick, but I think (hopefully) that I'm starting to get past that.  I don't sleep well-- a few times a week I wake up in the night and stay awake for several hours.  The biggest thing about this pregnancy is that my body feels old.  I'm only 27, but I'm definitely feeling it a lot more this time.  I'm sure it's due in part to the fact that I've gotten pregnant 3 times in less than 3.5 years, and that I now have 2 toddlers to take care of as well as dealing with pregnancy issues.  I'm mostly fine, but my body gets much more achey, and when I go out for walks I definitely feel it that night and the next day.  It's weird, because I know I'm not in amazing shape, but I've NEVER felt sore or tired after walking a couple miles.  I'm not in that bad of shape... my body is just doing weird things.  My muscles are super loose (which is annoying, since I'm having a c-section so I don't even NEED them to be loose!) so yeah... it's been interesting.  I also have gotten pretty bad acne, which has never happened before.  SUPER lame.  

Pyper has been moving a lot more lately, especially in the evenings.  I don't feel her much when I'm doing stuff with the girls (probably cause I'm distracted, plus I'm moving around so she's likely to be sleeping), but lots of times if I sit down while they're napping she starts going crazy.  Last night I had DJ feel her kicking and he mentioned that he doesn't think he's felt either of the other girls move that much!  She's kind of a wild one.  This is my very favorite part of pregnancy, feeling the baby kick and roll around.  It's such a crazy feeling, and it's really amazing.  At my appointment this past Monday, the doctor did a 3D ultrasound and let us watch Pyper close up on her face, and she kept opening and closing her cute little mouth, then yawned really big and we could even see her tongue!  It was adorable, and made me even more excited to have her here!

I gained a lot of weight in the last 7 weeks (10.5 pounds), which freaked me out for a second when I realized it.  Then I remembered that I barely gained any weight in the beginning (4.5 pounds in the first 15 weeks) and eventually I was going to need to put on some pounds.  I still fit into my pre-pregnancy capris (regular ones, not leggings) and I know my weight gain is healthy.  I'm still only averaging about .7 pounds a week, which is fine by me!  I honestly don't really worry too much about weight gain when I'm pregnant.  I'm in a pretty great place body-image wise.  I'm proud of my body for what it's accomplished-- 3 babies in less than 3.5 years is going to take its toll on any body, and I wouldn't trade my 3 girls for my pre-baby skinny self!!!

Here are a picture of my baby bump this week:

And since I always post belly pictures of myself, here's a peek at what it looks like behind the scenes...  Mia wants to be held almost constantly.  This is what being a mom of 2 toddlers and being pregnant actually looks like!  Haha

Cravings:  Fruit, hamburgers
Weight Gain:  15 pounds

I'm getting SO EXCITED to meet this baby girl!!!


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