Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Girl Haircut

When Lex was 9 months old, I gave her her very first haircut.  Her hair was crazy long on top and short on the sides, so I took a couple inches off her mohawk and blended it all in.  This was what she looked like the last time I cut her hair:

Since then, I've never even trimmed her hair.  I've been noticing lately that her ends were getting a little yucky, so tonight I gave her her first "Big Girl" hair cut.  It wasn't anything drastic, because we LOVE her long hair!  I love that I have so many options of what I can do to it.  So I trimmed everything up, gave her some layers, trimmed her bangs so we can train them to swoop to the side, and that was it!  Just enough to make it healthy.  She was so excited to sit in my hair cutting chair!  I thought she would get restless or hate having the cape on, but she loved it so much!  The whole time we just talked about princesses and she was happy as can be.  My little girl is getting way too big!  The best part of this experience is when I was texturizing her bangs and she said, "Oooooh!  That's a cool trick!" (Only in her little voice she actually said, "Oooooh!  Das a cool twick!"  Hilarious.)

A mom and Lex picture before the cut!

Before-- she was so happy to be sitting there!

And after!  She was thrilled.  And really-- could she be any cuter???


She seriously wouldn't stop looking in the mirror-- she felt so cool!

Here's the side-by-side before and after shots...

To most people it probably looks the same.  But to me, it's way better now!  It's very healthy, it's all evened out, and she looks great!  I can absolutely tell a difference-- such is the life for a cosmetologist!


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