Saturday, June 7, 2014

8 Months!

Mia Mae is 8 months old today-- where is the time going?

- Mia has learned how to scoot/army crawl VERY efficiently!  I definitely have to keep a closer eye on her now.  Lexsi doesn't love that Mia can get into her stuff really easily, either!

- Her favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza and bananas.  She eats any fruits or vegetables I give her.  The only food she really doesn't love is yogurt.  If I'm ever eating chocolate or DJ is eating a Popsicle she gets SO excited because she wants to share with us!

- She thinks DJ is the funniest!  Whenever she sees him she starts fake laughing to get his attention in hopes that he'll play with her.

- Lexsi is her best friend!  They play together really well most of the time, and when one starts giggling the other starts too and it just goes on and on and it's hilarious!

- She is super attached to me still.  She'll be fine without me for about an hour at a time and then she's over it and wants me.

- Mia goes to bed between 6:30-7:00 pm, and wakes up for the day around 7:30 am. She still wakes up in the night to eat, usually around 10:30 pm and 2 am.  She eats frequently throughout the day {table food}, and I'm not surprised she wants to do the same at night.  I'm okay with it.  Also she only nurses when she's going to sleep now, at nap times and bed time.  Other than that she's only eating table food.

- She is just so little!  I had to take in all the shorts that I bought for Lexsi the summer after she was born when she was only 4-5 months old.  Mia was too skinny for them!  She is still mostly in 0-3 month clothes, but wears 3-6 month PJ's and dresses so they're long enough.

- Her hair is coming in much lighter than Lexsi's.  She might even turn blonde!

Mia playing with water on the trampoline... she wasn't impressed:

Crazy sleeper:

Crinkly nose!  We love playing outside!

She always puts her feet up on the table and she thinks she's so tricky!

This night I was so frustrated cause Mia would NOT go to sleep and she kept crying and waking up Lexsi, so I just laid her on the floor in the living room so I could take a quick shower and she promptly rolled over and went to sleep.  Such a stinker!

Outside the temple:

Cutest little piggies!  It's funny cause her hair rubbed off in the middle of the back and is growing back in now, but the bottom is super long and so is the top.  So we have some funny looking business going on right now:

8 Months old with her zebra-- she's so pretty!

I love her curls SO much!

And for kicks, both girls at 8 months old.  Lex was chubbier, but their eye shape and noses are so similar!


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