Tuesday, May 20, 2014

7 Months!

My sweet Mia Mae is growing up so fast!  Two days before she turned 7 months old, we finally got her in for her 6-month check up.  She is tiny for her age-- she weighed just under 14 pounds (5%) and 26.5 inches tall (57%).  I love that she's so little!

- Mia is sitting like a champ!  She started sitting later than Lex did by a few weeks, but she picked it up really quickly.  In a matter of days she went from not really sitting alone at all to being really stable-- she can stay seated while Lexsi jumps around her on the trampoline!  Now she just needs to learn how to get from laying down to sitting up.

- She is scooting a lot. She spins on her tummy, rolls over and pushes forward a little to get to what she wants.  She hasn't gotten up on her hands and knees yet, which I am TOTALLY okay with.  Having two mobile girls is going to be crazy.

- This girl LOVES to eat.  She's not a huge fan of baby food, but if we give it to her in between table food, she tolerates it.  However, she'll eat anything that I eat!  When I feed her she usually says "MMMM!" the whole time she eats (totally What About Bob? style.)  I love it!  She is also getting pretty good at self-feeding when I give her small pieces of food.

- She is such a friendly girl!  She is super smiley to total strangers, and loves getting attention!

- She is still a Mama's girl, especially when she's tired.

- She is still not sleeping through the night, and I've decided I'm okay with this.  She wakes up to nurse and that's fine.  It's a phase and it won't last forever, and while she needs me in the night I'm going to be here for her!

-She is still rocking 0-3 month clothes.  Tiny girl.

- Mia thinks Lexsi is the coolest person on the planet.  They play together a lot, which is awesome!

-Her hair is so funny and awesome... it's super curly, but also way long if you pull the curl straight!  The back of it gets crazy dreadlocks that I have to comb out daily.  I feel like she has more hair than Lexsi did at her age.

-When she's really happy she smiles so big and crinkles her nose-- it's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

-She laughs a lot, and it's so adorable!

- When she's sitting or laying on the floor, she often lays her face down on the carpet and smiles at you really sweetly-- it's just a funny little thing she's decided is fun to do I guess!

We love this little sweetheart so much!

Crazy hair!

Lex loves holding her sister :)

Sweet girl

She loves looking in the mirror! (There's the nose crinkle!)

 First time eating spaghetti-- she's a huge fan!

Girlies on a walk

Making our own fun

7 months with her zebra

She's so pretty!


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