Sunday, June 8, 2014

All about Lex

Life is so busy, it seems like I really only blog when it's time to do Mia's monthly updates.  I want to remember some of the awesome things Lexsi is doing as well!

- First of all-- 2 years old?  I love it.  It's such an awesome age!  Does it come with fits?  Yes. (Lex is throwing a fit as I type this because she doesn't want to pray before bed.  I mean... really?  So silly).  BUT I love this age so so much!  Lexsi is learning so much and she's so funny!

- Lexsi's vocabulary is so big!  She can say anything she wants in English, and her Spanish is coming along really well too!  If you've never heard a toddler speak Spanish, you're totally missing out!  It's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

- Lex can pray all by herself in English {SO cute!}.  She can start and end her prayers by herself in Spanish.

- She is obsessed with playing outside.  She loves jumping on the trampoline and climbing the rocks in our back yard.  She also loves going on walks, particularly to the park!

- She has started attending Nursery at church alone (I was the Nursery leader in our previous ward), and is doing well with it.  She still cries when we leave her (it's only been 3 times now), but it doesn't last long and she's happy as can be when we come pick her up!

- Any time someone sneezes, she promptly responds, "Bless you!" and then fake coughs, expecting you to say "Bless you!" back to her.  She also says "Bless you!" to herself when she sneezes.

- She is getting very social, and always waves and says hi to other kids at the park.  She also really enjoys playing with other kids.

- She is so good at puzzles!  We have a few, and she likes to do them in Nursery as well.

- She is a really great big sister!  She loves Mia so much, and usually lets her play alongside her.  Also when we eat meals, I feed Mia and in between bites Lex is always asking, "You want some more, Mia?"  It's so cute.

- Since moving to Brigham City, the girls have been sharing a room.  At first I was putting Mia to bed before Lexsi and then if Mia cried Lexsi would cry too and be angry that Mia was making noise so I'd end up pulling Mia back out and rocking her back to sleep and then trying to sneak in and get her back in bed without waking either girl up... it was pretty exhausting.  After about a week of that, we bit the bullet and made them figure it out one night.  One would cry and the other would scream, then one would start to finally calm down and the other would cry again and restart the whole ordeal.  It took about an hour that first night, but since then they've been really good about going to bed and neither of them cry.  If one does happen to cry it usually doesn't last long and doesn't make the other cry any more.  I'm not a "cry it out" person, but this situation was a little different to me, since they were both crying simply because they were angry that the other was making noise, not because they needed anything from me.

- When Lex gets frustrated, she runs into her room and closes the door and read books or climbs into bed and snuggles her kitty to calm down.  I'm impressed with her for figuring this out all on her own.  She realizes she's upset and rather than hit or throw fits, she just removes herself from the situation.  It's pretty great!

- Lexsi is 100% in love with Disney Princesses.  She knows all their names, what songs they sing, what prince they marry, what colors their dresses are, etc.  If I ever want her to wear something that she doesn't necessarily want to, all I have to say is that it's a princess article of clothing and she'll promptly wear it.  Like today before church I gave her two options of dresses and initially she wasn't wanting either one, but when I told her they were Belle and Aurora dresses, she quickly agreed to wear the "Belle" dress.  It may seem silly, but whatever works, right?

- Lex knows her colors really well (in English and Spanish).

- Just a little bit about her Spanish--  She clearly comprehends everything in Spanish.  DJ can tell her anything and she responds.  She plays games on his iPad in Spanish and understands them.  If she ever watches movies, it's in Spanish.  She obviously hears more English since I'm the one home with her all the time, but now that DJ is home for the summer she's definitely speaking more Spanish.  A couple weeks ago she was out on the trampoline and burst out singing the chorus to "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" in Spanish.  Just imagine our surprise and amusement to hear her belting out, "La lluvia cayo!  La lluvia cayo!" as she ran around dancing.  SO cute!

-The other night in the bath tub, Lex leaned toward Mia, who had a messy face, and exclaimed, "Tan sucio!"

- If she wants something really badly, she knows that if she says "please" she's likely to get it.  Today she came up to me and said, "Mama, go the trampoline together please?" And of course I went.  How could I resist?

- She wears her princess dress ups every day.  I love it!

- Lex gets to choose her own clothes, and after she chooses her shirt I always ask if she wants to wear pants, shorts or a skirt.  Without fail, her response is, "A skirt!"  She's such a girly girl, which I think is awesome!

- She has recently fallen in love with Vocal Point and Alex Boye music videos.  She sings along and dances and it's so cute!

- She is an excellent singer.  She especially loves, "Itsy 'Ditzy' Spider" {Ha!}, "Wheels on the Bus," "I am a Child of God," "Once There Was a Snowman," "Do as I'm Doing," and of course, anything Disney!

- Lex doesn't say her "f" sound.  Instead, when it's a "fl" sound like in "flower,"  she says, "Plower." When it stands along, she substitutes an "h."  I can't tell you how often she says, "Mama, help you hind it!"  when she wants me to help her look for something.  Pretty funny.

- Rather than saying "yes," she says, "Yeppy!"  Hilarious.

This girl is just all-around amazing!  She keeps us laughing and smiling all day.  She has such a funny, sassy little personality and is so smart.  We love our Lex so much!

Here she is looking at the Angel Moroni on the temple.  She LOVES taking walks to the temple!

 This girl loves her pop!  

She is kind of obsessed with sunglasses.  She came out of her room like this one morning:

Just dancing with Daddy (this happens a lot around here!)

Another walk to the temple, this time in her Cinderella dress:

She got to choose a new swimming suit, and naturally she picked this hot pink tutu one!  I love her :)

Enjoying a little chocolate and playing princesses:

She wears my shoes all the time and requested that I take a picture of her like this one evening:

Just a typical day with Lex, out for a walk:

I love her style!

Her cousins came up to play one day last week, and she had the time of her life!

Here she is wearing a dress that my mom made for my older sister when she was little. 


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