Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 Months

Mia will be 6 months old in a little over a week, so I suppose I should finally blog her 5 month updates!

- Mia is seriously the happiest baby I know!  She has such a sweet disposition, and has a way of making people so happy!  When she smiles, it's like she smiles with her whole body; her eyes crinkle up, her nose wrinkles, and she usually kicks her legs out.  She really can light up a room.  I love it!

- I felt like she wasn't getting enough to eat (nursing is tricky that way!) so I started giving her rice cereal.  She eats it pretty well, but I think she's ready to move on to baby food.  Lex never really loved rice cereal, and I think Mia is similar.  She tolerates it but it's not her favorite.

- She is learning to make different noises, like "Ga" and "Da" instead of just the baby "Ya" and "Wa" sounds.  So that's fun.

- She is back in her crib in Lexsi's room, and it's generally going well.  Lex likes to talk and sing a LOT at night, and Mia sings herself to sleep, so they're getting used to each other.  But really, it hasn't been a hard adjustment.  There have been a couple rough nights but it's mostly good.

- Mia goes to bed around 6:30, and generally sleeps til between 11-12, when she wakes up to eat.  She wakes up again about 3 hours later, and then again usually between 5-6am.  At that point I keep her in bed with me, because she often wakes up around 7:30am and just sings and talks and I don't want Lex to wake up that early.  Mia falls back asleep by like 8-8:30am and Lex usually gets up between 8:30-9am.

- Mia is the grabbiest!  She loves to hold things, and will grab just about anything around her.

- She is learning to move, but in weird ways... she likes to lay on her back, arch her back and push with her legs, so she scoots forward but with her head stretched backward... it's way funny to watch.  She also good at spinning in circles.

- Her hair is ridiculous, and I love it.  It's so curly and puffy!

- She absolutely loves Lexsi!  She wants to be around her all the time, and lights up whenever she sees her.  It's so cute :)

I love this little girl SO much!  She is an absolute sweetheart, and I'm so so grateful she's mine!

At the park

Early morning playtime in Mom's bed

 Grabbing her zebra

She loves her toes!

Going on a walk

Trying out the baby doll stroller

Reading with Daddy

Playing with Lex

Piggy tails!

At a track meet

Doing Daddy's (and Papi's) famous trick

Her crazy curly hair!

So sweet!


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