Thursday, February 6, 2014


The summer after I got married, Jordan and DJ were working on finishing my parents' basement apartment so that DJ and I could move in there in the fall.  Every Saturday was spent over there, and so I spent my time making a new quilt for our bed.  As is typical for me, I finished the quilt top and never completed the rest.  The quilt top sat in my mom's house for several years, and this past summer I finally got around to finishing it.  I decided to give it to Nikki for Christmas, so I needed to make it into a king-sized blanket, when originally it was made to be queen-sized.  The actual quilted middle section is nearly the size of the top of a king-sized bed, so I added the blue border so there is plenty of overhang, then bound it in brown.  I couldn't get a picture of it on my bed, cause Mia was asleep in it at the time and I wanted to get it wrapped up. 

When I finished the quilt, I really wanted to keep it for myself.  My mom has always taught me, though, that you know it's a good present if you want to keep it for yourself.  So I gave it away, but I still wanted to post about it, cause I'm proud of my work!


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