Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mia Mae: 2-3 Months

I'm the worst, and totally didn't blog about Mia when she was 2 months old.  Bad Mom Award.

In the past 2 months, Mia has changed so much!  She's very sweet and smiley!  I remember Lex being smiley, but not as much as Mia is.  She loves to "talk" and "sing" with us, which is SO adorable!  She wants to be held basically all day, and she generally is.  My mom says it's not possible to spoil a child under 2 years old, so I'll just say she's attached to me, haha!

She has become more interested in toys, and has one little doll that she especially loves.  It has a rattle in it, as well as a crinkly dress and a teething ring in one hand, and Mia will hold it and play with it for a really long time.  I love and hate that she's big enough to do that!

Mia has always been a very different sleeper than Lex was.  By the time Lexsi was 3 months old, she would sleep from 8pm-5am, then eat a bottle and go back to sleep til 8am.  Mia goes to bed between 7 and 8pm, and usually sleeps for about 3-4 hours, then wakes up to eat.  After the initial sleep, she wakes up every 2-3 hours all night to eat, and gets up for the day between 9-10am.  She sleeps a lot in the day, but it's getting to be more like the cat naps that Lex used to do too.  No long, 3 or more hour naps-- she's all about the 1-hour naps, 1-hour awake schedule during the day.  I honestly don't mind.  She just recently has been going to sleep on her own instead of me rocking her to sleep.  I just feed her and lay her in her bed and she goes to sleep.  She's still sleeping in a cradle in my room just because it's easier for me since she's nursing and not sleeping through the night.  When she starts sleeping for longer periods of time I'll move her to the crib in Lexsi's room, but it's just not worth it to me at this point.  I know that she'd end up sleeping in my bed most of the time if I had to take her back to her crib in another room after feeding her in the middle of the night.  I don't have a rocking chair upstairs, so I just nurse her in bed.  It's pretty much awesome.   Usually around 5-6am, she stays in bed with me after nursing, and sleeps there until she gets up for the day.  I'm up between 8-9 with Lex, so having Mia sleep in later is nice so I can get Lex going for the day and get the house cleaned before I've got a baby on my hip!

Mia is way more a Mama's girl than Lex was.  Lex has ALWAYS been best friends with her daddy!  Mia totally loves DJ, but she's more attached to me.

I don't think I've ever explained Mia's nickname, Mimi.  When I was still pregnant with her, I was prepping Lex for having a little sister by telling her about Mia.  I put Mia's clothes in the dresser, and Lex would pull them out, and I'd say, "That's Mia's shirt," or whatever else she pulled out.  Well, she was so little (only 18-19 months old), that she started saying, "Es Mimi's," whenever she pulled something out (yes, she mixes Spanish and English.  All the time.  It's adorable.).  She always called Mia "Mimi," so I got in the habit of calling her Mimi when talking to Lexsi.  My whole family calls her Mimi now (or Meme--haha!), so now that's just who she is!  I use Mia, Mia Mae and Mimi all the time, and DJ generally sticks with Mia.

Mia is IN LOVE with Lexsi.  Any time Lexsi comes close to her, she gets a huge grin on her face, and will laugh or babble at her.  Lex loves her too, and often asks to hold her, or she'll lay next to her and say, "Es my sistoo!"  (Seriously love that she can't say her "r's" haha!).

I love that Mia has curly hair!  It's so stinking cute!  The longer it gets, the curlier it seems to get.  It's so awesome!  Unfortunately, the back of her hair is breaking off a little.  Hopefully she doesn't get bald spots.  She seriously has the craziest hair ever, but it's fun.  Her eyes are staying pretty light, so we might end up with a blue or green eyed baby.

Here are her 2- and 3-month pictures with her zebra:

She's already changed so much, it kinda breaks my heart!  She's such a sweet baby, and I'm so so grateful I have her!

And to finish up, here are a few more pictures from the past couple of months:

First little pony tail (on New Year's Eve, so less than 3 months old!):

Example of her crazy curly hair, straight out of the shower:

Watching basketball at the high school (this face seems to be her favorite one to make when I take pictures!):

And this shirt is one that I wore when I was a baby, so that's fun:


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