Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disney Princess

Lex is a movie watcher.  She's also a big time book reader.  I happen to have quite the collection of Disney movies and books-- the majority of which were purchased before I was even married.  This girl LOVES her Disney movies and books.  In the past month, she's become enamored with all the Disney princesses.  Seriously-- she loves them all.  Since she's just working on learning new words, her cute little voice and the way she pronounces their names just kills me.  I wanted to document now how she says their names before she gets big enough to say them correctly!

Cinderella:  Ella
Aurora:  Awo-wah
Pocahontas:  Cona {I have no idea how this one came about... weird}
Belle:  Bawl
Rapunzel:  Apeenah
Jasmine:  Shashee
Tiana:  Ana
Ariel:  Aya
Eric (because she loves the boys as much or more than the girls):  Ucka {another weird pronunciation, I know!}
Snow White:  Gool {meaning "girl."  For some reason, she hasn't ever said her actual name}

That's all I can think of at the moment.  I love my little girl SO much, and she's seriously in the most fun stage right now.  I love hearing her tiny voice ask for "Hep!" {help} when she needs something, or tell me she got "Huwt" when she bonks her head or something.  She's adorable.  I'm obsessed.


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