Monday, August 26, 2013

Pregs Update

So, today I went to my first pregnancy doctor appointment in Ogden.  I have to say-- my new doctor?  Totally as cool as my old one.  As in, if he wasn't my OB, I could totally be friends with him.  He's funny and straightforward and I like him so much already.

And now.

You know how you always have a plan for your life and then it never really works out that way?  We were talking about Lexsi's delivery, and why I ended up with a c-section (fatty tailbone, remember?), and he mentioned that if this baby was smaller I might be able to deliver vaginally.  I said I really didn't mind having a c-section, and he asked how many kids I wanted.  He told me the number he could guarantee me was 3.  My other doctor said probably 4, so I didn't think to much of it... but 3?  That means I could only be pregnant one more time.  Only one more baby after Mia.  I don't think I'm okay with that! I've always said I want 6 kids.  I love my little family, and I'm a little anxious about adding another little girl in 6 weeks and the madness that will ensue, but that doesn't change the fact that I want a lot of kids eventually.  The idea of only 3 kids is hard for me to swallow.  So at this point, we're going to keep an eye on how big Mia is getting (right now she's about 5 pounds), and if she's smaller than 7 pounds by 39 weeks I'll get induced and try round 2 of a vaginal delivery.  I'm really really hoping it works.  I've been complaining lately about Braxton Hicks, and how stupid it is to even have contractions when I know I'm having a c-section.  Now I'm grateful for any contractions, hoping it speeds the process along and actually helps me dilate and go into labor early.  The hospital won't let me be induced before 39 weeks, but if I go into labor on my own before then that's fine.  I'm skinnier this time than I was with Lex, and Lex was born 5 days late, so I'm hoping that being induced a week before my due date will be early enough that Mia will be small and come the way we want her to!  So here's to hoping it happens.  I really REALLY want more than 3 babies!!!  

Here's an updated preggo pic:

Okay, semi-updated.  That was 3 weeks ago.

And a cool thing about this doctor office:  You get a 3D ultrasound every time you go.  Here's the one from today, it's not great...

The top one is the 3D one--- it's her little profile :)


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