Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sacrament Meeting Score

Sundays are tough.  Our ward meets from 11am-2pm, and Sacrament meeting is last.  Unfortunately, this means Sacrament meeting starts right when Lex would usually be going down for a nap.  This past Sunday I decided to try bringing Lexsi's kitty pillow for her to use during Sacrament to see if she'd just relax and not throw fits.  It totally worked!  She sat and snuggled on DJ's lap with her kitty for the majority of the meeting.  So awesome. So our Bishop was giving a great talk about spiritual apathy, and was comparing it to a scale where on one side is spiritual exaltation and the other is spiritual damnation, with apathy right in the middle.  He put his hands up like this to demonstrate:

{ignore my pj's, lack of makeup, etc. please}

I glanced over at Lexsi, who was half asleep on DJ's lap.  She had her hands up too, and at first I thought it was so cute how she was copying the Bishop.  Then, in her mostly asleep, tired little voice, she started saying, "Touchdown!  Touchdown!"

Good to know she's been taught well.