Tuesday, August 20, 2013

18 Months

There are lots of things I need to catch up on... mainly about moving to Ogden and how different my life suddenly is.  But for now, I need to talk about my Lex.

All of a sudden, my baby is a toddler.  18 months is TOO OLD, I tell ya!  She is an absolute blast though.  I love love love this phase!  Some of Lexsi's faves:

- As always, she's obsessed with reading.  She goes to her toy room, grabs books, and hauls them over to Mia's baby car seat and sits in it to read.  She thinks it's the coziest!

- Movies.  The girl is a certainly a Savage.  If I let her, she'd watch movie after movie all day long.  {I DON'T let her.}  She's particularly fond of The Aristocats and Toy Story 3.  She loves Buzz and Woody!  There's also a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode online right now about Pluto's bubble bath and she looooves it.

- Emptying the lazy susan.  She's doing it as I type this.  Cause apparently spices and pudding and all the baking supplies are just too awesome to stay away from.

- Being outside.  It's been SO HOT, so I've been avoiding being outside, but when we do go out it's so good for her.  She's happy as can be if she can just find a patch of dirt and play in it.

- Her favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, plain noodles, cheese, toast with peanut butter, bananas, and eggs.  She's actually a pretty good eater.

- She's loving all the Disney Princesses right now.  She calls Tiana "Ana," Belle "Bawl," and Cinderella "Ella."  Other than that, she picks one up or points to one in a story and exclaims, "It's a gool!"  (I love how she says "girl."  SO cute!)

- Her language skills are really taking off.  She's doing very well, especially considering she's learning two languages.  Every liquid is "Agua," and she uses a few other Spanish words too, like "Amo," "Gracias," and "Mas" and lately she's been asking DJ, "O-sta Mama?"  {Donde esta Mama?}  In English she says a lot more things, like "Cheese," "Mama," "Baby," "So cool!" "Awesome!" "Puppy," "Minnie Mouse,"  "Car," "Store,"  "Downstairs," "Outside," "All done," etc.  She says so much more stuff than that,  but it'll take far too long to record it all. Just trust me, it's adorable.

- She loves to wear shoes.  Her favorites are a pair of little pink jelly shoes.  She loves the clicky sound they make on the tile in our house when she walks.

- She's sleeping in a toddler bed, and doing really well with it.  I was really concerned that she wouldn't stay in it, but she totally does.  The first night we had her in it (when we first moved to Ogden), she fell through the slats in the head board-- it's just one of those white metal toddler beds that everyone has. So that was a little funny, but other than that I think she's only fallen out one time.  We put her body pillow on the side of her bed not by the wall, which creates a good barrier for her since she's a crazy sleeper.  When she wakes up in the morning she likes to stand on her bed and look out the window, or she'll get out and read the books I put in her room.  When she's ready to come out of her room, she knocks on the door.  It's pretty awesome.

- She's been going to sleep SO easily and it's amazing.  When we were in Lovell she was struggling big time, and I was struggling big time.  She was sleeping in the same room as us, which was no good.  She didn't want to go to sleep at night-- it was taking me nearly an hour every night to get her down.  And if she woke up in the night she took forEVER to go back to sleep cause we were in the room too.  Now, I take her up to her room, let her drink a bottle if she wants (which is only about half the time), then hand her a binky and her kitty pillow and sing her one song and leave.  She puts herself to sleep just beautifully.  There are times, of course, where she gets up and plays, but it's rare.  For 18 months,  she's doing really well.  She doesn't cry when I put her to bed, and that's the best part!  Thank heavens for her silly kitty pillow too.  The thing is magical.

And now for some pictures of my girl!

Snuggling with me-- I seriously love that she's snuggly again!

Playing with Dad.

First day of Nursery at church-- I ended up having to stay with her the whole 2 hours cause she was melting down big time, but she'll figure it out.  

Playing in the dirt at Bear Lake-- she was in heaven!

I took her to Temple Square and this was her reaction to the Christus statue-- so precious!

Going down the slide at the park.

Hanging out in Mia's car seat.

Swinging at the park.

Hauling a baby around-- she does this everywhere we go.  I love it.

Playing with her puppy.  Pretty sure she's feeding her dirt in this picture.  Cosmo is so obliging.

In the pink jelly shoes-- they're a staple in her life.

Watching a Braves game with Great Grandpa Savage while we were in Lovell.  I love how their arms are even in the same position.  

One last thing-- I took Lex to PCMC last week for a checkup on her hips, and everything is great!  Her specialist says he thinks she'll have normal hips the rest of her life, and wants to see her again in 2 years to just check up on her.  I am so so grateful her hip dysplasia was caught so early, and the process of correcting it was relatively easy.  Having her in that harness for 2 months when she was tiny was really no big deal, especially given what COULD have happened.  I'm so grateful!


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