Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Evolution of Lulu

Here's the thing:  My baby gets called a LOT of different things.  Alexsi, Lexsi, Lex, Lou, and Lulu are all used on a regular basis.  When she was tiny, I usually called her Alexsi and sometimes Lexsi.  As she's gotten older, DJ and I usually call her Lex.  Somewhere in the last 8 months, I started calling her Lexsi Lou, which got shortened to Lou, which then became Lulu.  I call her Lulu as often as I call her Lex.  So there you go.  An explanation of where she got her nickname.  And now, for your viewing pleasure.... recent pictures of my Lulu.

 This is so typical of when these girls are together!  Kate is sooo  sweet, and Lex just loves her, but hasn't quite figured out how to show her affection.  So Kate gets poked in the face.  And she is very very tolerant of it!!!

 I heard Lex crying one night and went into her room to find her like this.  She is such a monkey.

 Lex looooves to play the piano!  She dances and sings while she plays... so musical!

 At a football game with Daddy-- she was having a rough time that night.

 I love her big, toothy smile!

 Come on, right?  She kills me with her growling!

She got the hood off to reveal her crazy morning hair, pre-hairdo.  Also, she's getting so close to crawling, it's pretty exciting!


  1. Love it! She is such a doll! Tom and I have called Isabel "Lulu" for years! Started with us singing the little song "Little Bunny Foo Foo..." to her, but changing the name to "Little Chickie Lulu..."! We call her Lulu more than Isabel!! Funny how nicknames get morphed out of other things! Enjoy your new home!! Love the blog updates! Tell your mom hi from me!!

  2. hahaha the one with her legs caught between the slats! poor thing! she's such a cutie, definitely love that smile!