Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Guys... GUYS!!!  I just got back from my final walk through in my new house.   It looks A-MAZING!  I snapped a couple quick pictures of my kitchen, cause the cupboard doors are finally in.  Could you just die? They're seriously leaning toward yellow, which, HELLO?!?  I didn't even know was going to happen when I decided my color scheme was grey, blue and yellow.  I thought they were off-white, which they are, but a yellow-y off-white.  I'm in love.  There were like 5 different guys who came in while we were in there and all said they thought my cabinets look amazing.  Yes, thank you, I'm an excellent cabinet chooser.  I think I'm closing next Tuesday... meaning that a week from today I'll be moving in!!!!!

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  1. Those cabinets are rockin' awesome!! And those lights look like the ones I have over my stairs, right?