Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things that weren't funny at the time but are now.

Today, I've had lots of funny thoughts about things that were either annoying, sad or frustrating at the time.  I'm a firm believer in laughing at yourself, so I'm just going to make a list of things that are super funny to me now that were NOT at the time they happened.

1- When we first moved into our current ward (which I lived in as a teenager), everyone was calling me "Ashleigh Kaiser-Savage."  I was constantly upset that people were hyphenating my name, when Kaiser was no longer my name!  Clearly, they were just clarifying that I was the same person they knew as a teenager, but for some reason it really irked me.  Now I realize how ridiculous I was being.

2- Getting broken up with over a text message while at Niagara Falls with my family, a few hours before heading to the airport to fly home to Utah and see this boyfriend, who I hadn't seen in a month because I had been living in New York, participating in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Yeah.

3- When DJ and I were dating, I was always the first one to text him in the mornings (because he got up at like 4 to do janitorial work, so I'd text him when I got up and was on my way to work).  One day I thought I'd just not text him and see how long it took him to text me instead.  After waiting about an hour, I texted him and I was SO upset (Nikki is my witness) that he wouldn't text me first.  Of course, why would he, I'm sure he thought I was still asleep???  Silly girl.

4- That one time I ran over Adam's car.  Seriously-- I backed my Durango over his Neon.  Like, well over his hood.  It was SOOOO not funny at the time.  I felt like such an idiot.  Especially because he wasn't even engaged to Meggin yet.  But now-- every time I see the State Farm commercial where the girlfriend is ragging on her boyfriend for backing over another car in a very similar fashion-- I can't help but laugh about it all.

5- Moving into Nikki's apartment and the two of us not liking each other-- because I am assertive and she was not, and she didn't like that I was older than her (cause in her mind then she thought the oldest was the boss, or something?).  Good thing I ended up with her brother-- in some strange way that eased the tension?

6-  As children, Meggin and I were in bed one night when the fire alarm went off.  Naturally, we thought it was a real fire, so we army crawled across our bedroom floor, grabbed our porcelain dolls (what???), tested the doorknob to see if it was hot, and proceeded to crawl down the hallway.  It turns out Josh was playing with matches and threw something in his garbage can or something like that and it set off the fire alarm?  But man, had it been an emergency, at least we had those dolls!

7- Last Thanksgiving Eve, walking down Main Street in Lovell with Nikki late at night, in the bitter bitter cold, both of us crying our eyes out about our terribly hard lives, and me yelling at the sky, "I'M A BARREN WOMAN!!!!" I'll be honest-- this was a tiny bit funny even at the time.  But now it's even awesomer.

8- The night before I was going to Lovell for the first time and DJ and I had a talk, basically with me saying I was ready to get married and him telling me he wasn't quite there yet-- and me having a COMPLETE come-apart.  The next day, while I was working at the MTC, I was texting Nikki about it and accidentally sent the text to DJ, then I started bawling, thinking he was going to hate me or something, so I called him in a panic and cried to him, and called Nikki in a panic and left her the most distressed voice mail of life, and all this time I'm outside the building the barbershop is in, and Elders are walking past looking at me like I'm crazy.  Let's be serious, I was crazy.  But now?  This is high comedy.

9- When I was in 5th or 6th grade and Josh was in high school, we had gotten in an argument (which was typical-- he always knew how to get under my skin, and I was the annoying, sassy little sister), and I was so flustered and frustrated that I screamed at him, "It's your OWN--- FAT--- FAUUUULLLLLT!!!!!"  He thought this was hilarious, because it was the meanest thing I could come up with at the time.  I did NOT think it was funny, cause I was fuming.  However, this has become a much-used family phrase, and has also caught on in some of the Savage Family as well.

The moral of these stories is-- learn to laugh at yourself.  Even tough and upsetting things may end up making you laugh one day!

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