Friday, October 7, 2011

Conference Crafts

DUH!  I never even showed you the stuff we did last weekend during General Conference!

The entirety of my Saturday was consumed with making this puff blanket:

I do love it, but MAN it took much longer than I expected.  It's also very small.  But it fits perfectly in our little cradle:

DJ and Keesha took it upon themselves to make Alexsi a blanket as well, and clearly it's just their style:

Haha I love them!  On Sunday, my carpal tunnel was acting up (no seriously-- I really do have carpal tunnel), so I couldn't make another blankie like I wanted to.  So, I did a few easy crafts instead.  First, this flower hanger/wall art:

I know, it's slightly ridiculous that I have so many flowers for my little girl.  But, in my defense, I got them for ridiculously cheap off, and you have to have an order of $35 I think.  So, I had to buy a lot since they were so inexpensive.  And I definitely don't regret it!  I can wear these in my hair as clips and I can clip them to her headbands.  She's going to be one stylin little girl!  I also love that I can hang this on the wall in her room and it will double as a decoration!  To make this, I just took the glass out of a picture frame, then hot glued ribbons across it, then clipped the flowers to the ribbons!  Easy-schmeasy.

My second project on Sunday was this:

This picture does not even do justice to how adorable these letters are!  I'm going to hang them on the wall in her bedroom.  The wooden letters are from the Hob, and I just covered them with scrapbook paper.  Easy and cute!

Along with our productive crafting, I must say that I LOVED Conference (no surprise there)!  My favorite talk was probably Neil L. Andersen's.  I also loved that Sister Dalton spoke directly on how to raise daughters.  Elder Holland's talk in Priesthood Session was incredibly powerful, and anyone who hasn't watched it yet really needs to!  I love that we have such inspired leaders to tell us exactly what we need to hear!  I'm also thrilled to hear about the second Provo Temple!  I told my mom about a month ago that I thought they should build a temple where the tabernacle was, and I was so excited to hear that it's actually going to happen!  Of course, I won't be in Provo anymore when it all comes together, but I'm still thrilled that it's happening!  I'm also excited for the first Wyoming temple!  Even though I'll still be going to Montana to the temple when I live in Lovell-- because Star Valley is about 4 hours away (or is it 6-7, Nikki?  Bahahaha!)-- it's really cool that the first temple in the state is on it's way!!!

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  1. Did those flowers come on the clips or did you have to add clips to the back? They are super cute and you should never have mentioned this website cause now I want to buy tons of stuff! :)