Thursday, October 6, 2011


If you're in Utah County, you can feel the awesomeness of fall in the air!  It's been raining for a couple days, and I've been able to bust these babies out:

Oh, how I love my galoshes!!!    Today, it snowed in the mountains.  SNOW!   In the first week of October! Do you realize how amazing that is?  I seriously LOVE weather.  I love all the changing seasons.  I love sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days, windy days, snowy days--- everything about weather just makes me so happy!  It reminds me of how much my Heavenly Father loves me!

And speaking of changes-- with fall in the air, I felt the need to change my hair.  I decided to go with a dark brown underneath, leaving it blonde on top.  What's funny is, I ended up with this:

Yep, I'm a redhead.  Totally unintentional.  Here's the thing:  My hair has NEVER taken red very well.  So this time, I decided to color it straight red first, which I expected would end up pretty streaky, then color my brown over the top.  Well, I colored it red, and for some strange reason, it actually TOOK the red.  Vibrantly.  I blame it on the pregnancy hormones raging through my body.  Do you know how many pregnant girls' hair I've colored with no crazy effects?  Yeah, I'm the first with the madness.  So-- I colored brown over the red.  I also had to color my blonde a dark blonde/light brown, because some of the ends had turned pink from the red underneath-- nice.  Well after round 2 it still was quite red, so I had DJ color over the red again with a golden brown, hoping to cancel out some of the red.  He did a wonderful job, I must say :)  Well, it's clearly still red. But, surprisingly, I LOVE it!  It took some getting used to, but I'm super happy with it right now.  Zac told me it's "much more better," so I feel like I got the seal of approval ;)  It was funny how all the girls at work reacted-- everyone loved it!  One lady told me it made me look young.  Hmmmmm.... I'm only 24.  Was blonde making me look like an oldie? Cause, I'm naturally blonde.  Another lady told my I looked "hip."  That was probably my favorite compliment of the day!  Hahaha!  ALSO-- the red makes my eyes look fabulously green.  Gotta love that!

 Anyway, happy fall!   It's baking weather, my friends!!!

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  1. The pumpkin chocolate cake was too pumpkiny for me. Shall we try somethin else?